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Rendered videos Stutter and have audio problems

Been trying to fix this for weeks, and Activision support has been of no help, so here we go again.


I have my COD elite account, linked to my xbox account and a youtube account (actually, a new account since my first one had no forum access from the black op days).  In MW3's online vault I can select any of my uploaded videos that are under 30s and render them.  It then plays them perfectly fine, and proceeds to give me an Upload % bar, which goes to 100% in a regular timely fashion, and the game then tells me it was successful and to view my clip online.


These clips never show up on my Callofduty.com elite account, for EITHER account.  They always go to youtube, but everytime they render incorrectly.  Its almost always an audio problem.  Theres a screeching noise at the start of the video, the audio is then out of sync the rest of the video.  During the video the audio stutters and becomes further out of sync.  Occasionally the video also skips ahead.  I've tried rendering from a classic Xbox360 with a 20gb HDD to the new slim black xbox with the HDD, wireless and wired.  I've tried using HDM, a VGA adapter, and even basic composite cables.  My videos are always messed up, and this happens with every clip.  Errors in the same clip will occur at different places if I re-render the clips.  Here are some examples:


(Same clip, different errors)




(same clip, shorter, different errors again)




(6s long clip rendered twice)




I've been run in circles by chat support, took me a week just to get forum access even.  Has anyone else had this problem?  What should I do?  Thank you!




Tried today by clearing cache, and formating my harddrive.  Wasn't any better.  Tried installing the game to harddrive, no help there.  Tried turning it off, waiting overnight, put a fan near it and started the xbox cold and went straight to render incase it was somehow overheating.  They all still have horrible problems.  Any advie?


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