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    Yea, i started with askign if he was a robot lol. But this seems real... lets wait for it! if anyone of you can try to chat with one of them to.... and tell here wahat they said... that would be perfect.

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    Please let this be true... PLEASE I BEG OF YOU COD GODS!!! JOHN WANT BREAK FROM HAX!!!!1!11

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    If this is real were gonna see a very good game

  • 13. Re: activision support : patch confirmed no joke for mw3 wii version

    i dont seem to have such unbearable problems as you all

  • 14. Re: activision support : patch confirmed for mw3 wii version.  no joke

    I didn't have the best of luck.

    Michael W: Hello, how can I help you?

    You: Hello, is this a human or a bot?

    Michael W: I am a person how can I help you today?

    You: Alright, I am contacting you in concern for Modern Warfare 3 for the Wii, we've been hearing rumors that there is a possible chance that the Wii version of Modern Warfare 3 will be getting a patch soon, I wish to ask if you have any information upon this?

    Michael W: Sorry I do not have any information about unreleased content. You can find the latest information on the website and on the forums.

    You: Another supports person have released information upon us however that we will be getting a patch soon. Do you all not get information at the same time? If you need a link to the conversation, I may provide one for you.

    Michael W: Sorry I do not have any information about unreleased patches.

    You: Alright, thank you for your time then.

    Michael W: No problem was there anything else I can help you with today?

    You: No thank you, that was my only concern. Thank you very much.

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    The same guy wolfy talked to just gave me huge information the thread is updated about this, its in  chat number two

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    Mitch you snitching b!#$^ You lied to me!!

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    At least we're getting a patch! :D

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    Long read, but may be worth it xD


    John G: Hello, how can I help you?

    You: Hay there! My gamertag is [ai]vampirewolfy and I happen to be from the wii forums, first thing first to test if you're not a computer. Do you like bacon?

    John G: Yes, but only with eggs and in the morning... and sometimes on Pizza

    You: Alright you're awesome then I think I'm going to love our conversation! Anyways ^_^ Back on topic, I wanted to get on this live support because there was rumors going around that the Wii version of Mw3 will get... OMG wait for it.. *drumroll* A PATCH!! It's been months though, and I needed to see this for myself, can you confirm this for me please?

    John G: Currently, I'm unsure myself @.@ which can be annoying, and also puts me in quite a pickle when people ask cause I got nothing ;-; although it is standard practice for games to release patches every couple months for masqitos and such

    You: Mm but the Wii becomes a little less noticeable y'know? :c It leaves us in a dark shadowy pickle mess of lost hopeless despair. They send you updates via E-mail right? Right right right!? So like, when was the last time you checked that?? You should totally check that again! Because we got confirmation from two other awesome dudes so far and posted their conversations on the forums. I'd like this epic conversation to make it as well out of a positive deed So please please oh pretty please can you check everything to see if there is any information for us poor Wii players? (>^_^)>

    You: Heres' the link for the other conversations my good friend! Just scroll down http://www.callofduty.com/thread/200419742

    John G: O.o sure I'll clicky but we dun has any emails on any sort of patch at the moment.

    You: Aww drats! The one Mitchy the snitchy guy was telling me that there was no information earlier but then my friend got contact with him and he had good news!1 :OO Drats I just hope none of our forum members are trolling me, that would be plain mean >:(

    John G: welp to be honest as I said, tis standard practice to do patches every few months, on any system

    You: Drats, us Wii players are suffocating like fish out of water from hackers, you have no idea how it's like until you're in our shoes To be addicted to such a cruel and unfair game just to be screwed over by hackers T.T Oh cruel fate why!?

    John G: I play on Wii <.<;

    You: Well shiiaaatttt! High five :DDD

    John G: xD I mainly am on it because it has no move support, which is silly.

    You: what do you mean? ^_^' Wolfy confused~

    John G: I has Playstation 3 and Wii >.>

    You: Both good system, you saved yourself from monthly payment Good job!

    John G: Playstation 3 ~ Playstation Move... Move = Wii with a shiney round thingy O_O

    John G: that changes colors...

    John G: >.> pretty pretty... shiney shiney *-*

    You: ME... LiKe... SHINY STUFF O_O!!!

    You: Well hay, can I ask a favor!? If you do get information about a patch, I would totally love it if you head on over to the Wii section of the MW3 forums and make an account if you have not done so already to tell us all about it! We really look forward to hear for this! And make sure you say shinyspoonicleobjectfish, so I know it's you and not a troll posting to give out hopes up. Unless you troll us all T.T

    You: I'll be sure to sensor that secret word when I transfer this conversation to the forums! That is, if you're completely fine with me transferring this awesome conversation ^_^

    John G: I could email you and put the patch would be sent to the fourms as well as info prolly a week before it's release, that's usually standard practice O_O

    You: I would really appreciate that as well Make sure not to make haste, we need this info asap before we destroy our controllers from frustration D:

    John G: O_O Nu break Nunchicku.. that'd be bad.

    John G: Nunchucku**

    You: We try our bests but those hackers really push it D: OTL

    John G: Well, we'll bring it to Treyarch regardless, note ze chat transcript is saved, so if ya want, ya can put the issues going on besides hacking, and well.. yeah.. >.> patch maybe more complete

    You: Well you know that forum I linked to right right?? It has a lot of the issues listed out! But anyways, let me list some other issues we as the community complain about as well ^_^

    You: The Akimbo FMG's need to be nurfed, it also need a bigger bullet spread because everyone use these overpowered lazor guns >:L

    You: Type 95 is pretty powerful as well, it can be hip sprayed and can still 1 shot an enemy without much efforts of aiming >_>

    You: PP90M1 needs to become less accurate at hip spray ._.

    You: But that's all the major issues with the guns in the game. Other then that, they complain about the match making taking a long while for a party of 4+ and revenge spawn system.

    You: And we just want the main focus of the patch or future patches/gaming to prevent hackers from ruining our game D:

    You: That's about all for complaints. With the nerfing of a few guns we consider to be cheep and the hacking being fixed, we would then be considering this a close to perfect game ^_^

    You: Oh and I'm not a Classic Controller user, but I've been hearing about that controller being broken for MW3 as well, and that they want it to be more like Black Ops version of Classic controller settings. That's about all

    John G: m'kay were gonna save the chat transcript, which will be sent where it needs to go.

    You: Alright then John the Great, I thank you a lot for giving the support we needed and being a great person to chatter with ^_^

    You: I hope this conversation made your job a bit funner

    John G: Heh, that it has Wolfy. that it has ^^

    You: Alright I'm super duper glad, I just hope to make a world a brighter place for everyone Except the hackers. They can burn in hell :DDD But yea!

    John G: alright, thank you for contacting Activision Customer SUpport, do you require anything else?

    You: Just get that E-Mail to me once you get information ASAP, and for you to have a good rest of the day

    John G: okiday

    The chat has been ended by the agent.

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