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  • 20. Re: activision support : patch confirmed for mw3 wii version.  huge information

    Interesting, really interesting. It seems like they're still working on the game. After all, if they weren't they wouldn't have given us double XP weekend.

  • 21. Re: activision support : patch confirmed no joke

    Hax and akimbos.  It will be at least a few weeks without hackers and then never akimbo users again.  Radars hackers aren't so bad when they can't spray you with akimbo fmg9's.  I so hope it's true.

  • 22. Re: activision support : patch confirmed for mw3 wii version.  huge information

    Its weird how some of the agents know about the patch and others dont.

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    Its even more weird how the same person told me the info and to wolfy that he didnt know anything about it.... but okay i can live with that!

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    hey look closely they are 2 diffrent people ! Its One with a last name with M and another with W.....i spoke with the one with the W. and he told me the same thing as wolfy....

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    Activision supports KNOWS NOTHING about the wii version of the game. Don't get your hopes up. Even with a patch, this game will still be garbage.


    Like I said, activision support, SPECIALLY CHAT SUPPORT, is either not aware that there is a wii version of the game or does not know much about it. A few months ago, I was chatting to support about me not being able to get into the servers(servers were defcon 3 or 2 at the time). He told me the servers were fine and I was probably banned. Then I went off on him about how you can't get banned on the wii, and then he responded, very rudely, how he knows everything and I don't. Then the dumb*ss told me to give him my gamertag, because "DMC PADIEGO could not be found". Of course, at that moment, I screamed(FUll caps ),  and told him "IM PLAYING ON WII FOR GODS SAKE, OUR "GAMERTAGS" ARE NOT "STORED" PERSE, ONLY OUR ALLY CODES ARE!!!!!". Then he asked me what an ally code was, and then I just gave up and ragequit.


    Many times, and this has been confirmed, when people ask about a patch or DLC for the wii version of the game, Activision gives out information on the Xbox360, because they ASSUME we get the same kind of support and we're up-to-date-in-patching with the HD consoles. Like I remember one time this guy(forgot who it was, i think he's on the troll chat..) asked for DLC, and support said that we would get map packs in the near future .

    Let's get our wii points ready guys, because activision is willing to lose money and give us map packs!

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    Hmmm yea.... the other one i talked to said that he just got the info... weird, lets wait for this since he said that there will be more info in this week!

  • 27. Re: activision support : patch confirmed for mw3 wii version.  huge information

    I can't be the only one that noticed this...


    Michael M: Yes. There is going to be a tach for the Wii. Some of the things that this patch will have are following: Correcting issues with some of the killstreaks. Some guns are going to have there damage fixed. Also there will be some patches for some of the glitches on some of the maps.

    Michael M: This is not all that the patch is going to cover but it is all the information that we have been given at this time. 


    Sounds like info from the last patch if you ask me. None of the killstreaks are broken and the only gun that needs a proper nerf is the FMG9. :/

  • 29. Re: activision support : patch confirmed for mw3 wii version.  huge information

    Dont really play on the wii anymore, but i thought ide try to help you guys out.


    Randy D: Hello, how can I help you?

    You: Hello randy how are you doing today?

    Randy D: I am well, thank you

    You: Are you aware of the problems with MW3 that currently reside on the wii?

    Randy D: Which one?

    You: Which one? I mean i could make a HUGE list of them

    You: The game is pretty much unplayable at this juncture

    Randy D: Well, tell me exactly what's going on.

    You: Doing so would be a huge waste of time though seeing how they have been posted HUNDREDS of times in the CoD forums

    You: Either way let me give you a prime example of something thats causing the game to be completely ruined. For example, the nintendo Wii version of the game is infested with hackers using god mode,invisible hacks, wallhack

    You: Im just wondering if you have any information of when treyarch will be fixing this.

    Randy D: Well, first, Treyarch didn't make Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward did....

    Randy D: And I do want to apologize for the fact that MW3 is so difficult to play on the Wii.

    Randy D: I understand that the hackers on the system are making it difficult to play and just have fun on. To be honest, I can't comment on any updates or fixes for issues with the Wii, as that all deals with unreleased content. I'm very sorry. ,UI wish that I could tell you more.

    You: Thats quite unfortunate my good sir.

    You: I own the game on the wii and on the PS3 and really love the motion gaming. Unfortunately i cannot play due to the hacks and bs that surrounds the game.

    You: Is Activision influenced in any way if you report complaints to higher authorities in your company?

    You: I mean it seems that all everyone does now a days is complain about how bad MW3 is. Yet they dont listen to their community.

    You: Its the fans that made this game great. The fans deserve compensation and I''m not talking about lag compensation. I'm talking about rewarding the loyal fans for being there through good and bad

    You: You know what i mean jellybean?

    Randy D: Well, i do understand where you are coming from. I like you am a gamer, and in fact, gamers are all that are employed here, so we can absolutely relate. With that being said, though, there are measures being taken against the hackers and whatnot, but at the same time, there is only so much that we have the ability to do. In fact, the true issue here (the hackers) aren't even dealt with through us. Infinity Ward has their own moderators for the game, and they are the ones in charge of the game's security protocols. We are just the middlemen as it were.

    You: I see

    You: Im glad gamers get hired over at activision. It lets us share concerns with the games that we love.

    You: Whats your favorite game ever in the history of gaming?

    Randy D: Ever?? Has to be Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Randy D: And Final Fantasy 3 has to be very close behind that.

    Randy D: And finally Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

    You: I love FF

    You: Have you tried 13 and 13-2?

    Randy D: No, not yet....

    Randy D: 13 didn't look all that great, and I'm told that 13 2 is much better in the way of gameplay.

    You: Yea 13-2 had some really great fixes concerning the linearity of its previous installment. MY favorite game of all time though would definitely be LoZ Ocarina of Time. If you havent already played it i suggest that you do. Its just such a gem of a game.

    Randy D: I was a great game, and one of the few LoZ games that I enjoyed.

    You: Indeed it was! The only zelda game that ive hated is adventure of link, but thats all in the past. Windwaker,Twlight Princess AND Skyward sword hold their own epicness.

    You: Anyhow Randy i think its time for me to disconnect. I appreciate the shared concern and I have one more question for you.

    Randy D: Okay.

    You: Do you mind if I post this in the cod forums?

    Randy D: No, not at all.

    You: Alright, you have a good day man.

    Randy D: You as well. Thank you for contacting Activision.







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