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MeRk clan looking to expand roster for tournaments and complete dominantion of black ops MP

Hey whats up I'm merk88unewb a co- leader in the MeRk clan( we are all leaders in this clan) we are looking to recruit some solid players. we play all types of matches including Michael myers( one man vs everyone else only using his knives till last kill, like hide and seek) quick scope matches, tourneys on game dunzo and other tourny sites and countless hours of all the match types online i personally consider myself to be the best at CTF. we currently have 3 members: myself, Striffler2, chadsthebest11    we all live in the same town actually only two houses away from eachother. both chadsthebest11 and striffler2 have kd's over 1.00 and i currently am at 0.79 but am raising it fast. i always have my PS3 on and would be able to set up initiation matches if interested once again my user name is merk88unewb hope to get together and pone some serious noobs