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[Xbox 360] Clan Krieger, Play for fun but Play to win!


Clan Krieger is looking for mature and respectful players. You don't have to leave you current Clan! We accept all players as long as you will attend matches once in awhile! lol


Our clan is based on our members. All feedback is taken seriously and every idea is considered. We try to form the Clan around everyone.


For the casual, we have people online to play with on every day. If you just want to kick back and play a Clan match every once in a while, thats perfectly fine! Every member has the same opportunities no matter their rank.


For the more serious, We are a military based Clan with strong emphasis on team work! We have an organized ranking system, awards, and all kinds of other opportunities!


Many of our members are active or former military and simply make the Clan great.


If you want to join or know more please send me a message on xbox live or visit our website.


Here's the site: http://clankrieger.tk 


Heres a video to describe a little about us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uz6Q_FeQs0&feature=plcp&context=C47de033VDvjVQa1 PpcFMP3C_BDMKrLeT_p9l3-6eOMeErtrTingY=


Gamertag: Baghdaddy027
See you on the battlefield.