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    W/L is really hard to maintain when you play solo. Aside from getting thrown into losing games half the time you also run a high risk of being put on teams with the full spectrum of noobs. From those who enjoy just messing around to those who are deliberately horrible to those who are just bad. Playing solo for much of BO and Mw2, maintaining a 1 W/L was a triumph.


    Find a few guys to play with and that will change drastically. I have found that you really need at least 5 players to avoid being thrown into the middle of a game, less than that you still stand a better chance but it will happen from time to time.

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    Sounds like you only play the easy games there  mate or in partys ,that reply tells me you havnt flown solo much against experienced shooters .

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    W/L doesn't really matter to me since I play with randoms most of the time. Also a good portion of my loses are from joining games that are almost over.

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    Yeah that stink!  Every time you turn on your xbox and wanna play the entry fee is get a loss.


    I made a topic about that, where my solution was: Only the matches started from the begining will count, if you get dropped in a game only score, kills and match bonus will count, no lose or win.


    but if you leave the game it will count as a loss, no matter if you just join the game.

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