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My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.


What I mean, is how this whole thread isn't a rant on how I hate deathstreaks, or consider you a blah blah noob for using them.  Rather, it is the three main reasons why I disagree with their existence.


1. I believe it is unfair to be punished, for another player's misfortunes.  Some would say that our team caused it--I believe it was also their fault, due to not being adaptive.


2. The intent of the deathstreak was to get a player back into the fight.  I disagree.  The best way to improve one's skill, is by not having "crutches" to help.  The best way to improve, is by processing and learning the hard way.  You develop a lot faster as a result.


3. The Lack of a fair fight.  If two are engaged in a duel, the proper winner should be the one who lives.  Not the one who falls on their back and detonates C4, or manages to continue firing their primary.


I primarily fixated on Final Stand, Dead Man's Hand, and Martyrdom.  The others like Juiced or MW2's Copycat, weren't much to be considered a crutch, due to the limited abilities they provided to actually give an advantage in combat. 


If deathstreaks HAD to stay in Call of Duty, make them extremely limited on combat enhancement.  Make them like Copycat, or Juiced.





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    Nice post. I agree on all points. However sinse we've been playing these games for many years and have seen multiple adaptations of Last Stand and Martyrdom we should all be ready and able to deal with them when they come up. Rightfully though, the game would play a lot more fair if these werent in it.


    Juiced, Copycat, Revenge, Hallow Points, these types of Deathstreaks dont impede on the opponents gameplay at all. They dont allow people to get kills after they've been dealt 100 damage and they act as a mild crutch for people to try to turn their scores around.


    If deathstreaks are to remain in the game at all, we should think of more that are like the prementioned. Can you think of any?  actually scrap that...just take them out. Anyways I dont think they will be in Black Ops 2. lol

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    I think the true reasons behind them are not really to give players a fighting chance again. I think it really is to add a level of chaos to the game play. It keeps people from becoming complacent in how they play.


    DMH will make run-n-gunners have to stop and think about getting to close to people all the time.


    FS makes players have to pay attention to the death animation to make sure a player is dead and not just rush off toward the next kill.


    Martydom forces players to not carelessly run at the player they just killed but to stop and think and perhaps chose a different route to go.


    All of these are chaotic twists to the game play preventing it from becoming too predictable. I think that is one of the main reasons people really do not like them is the fact they add in an unpredictable outcome that can not easily be adapted or planned for like everything else. The other main reason is because players put to much emphasis on stats and kill streaks now and those three death streaks have a very random factor and can end a kill streak right away. Something that many players make to important and get upset when they loose.


    Which brings me to my final conclusion is that they were added in to the game to try and get players to stop caring about stats and kill streaks all the time and to play the game for fun. Yes getting those kill streaks may be fun for some people but it should not be the defining moment of fun about playing the game as it is for so many people that play this game now.


    Which now lets me bring in one final note, battle is not meant to be predictable in all situations there is meant to be chaotic events that randomly change the outcome of a battle and more than just the kills streak is needed to do this. There is not meant to be order and precitability in the game play, it is meant to be random and chaotic and changing every moment.

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    >Too Close. Really? DMH radius is the main issue, you don't even have to be in the radius to die, it needs to be removed.


    Deathstreaks are supposed to help the player back up right? How is that helping the player? Its making them rely on deathstreaks even further, oh I almost died let me just nuke the guy next to me and not improve in anyway what so ever.


    Final stand is another moronic one. As the guy falls he sprays you with a fully auto gun, what the **** man? Along with the shoddy hit detection its just not worth keeping.


    Matrydom is idiotic as well.


    Anyway the purpose is not to provide chaos its supposed to help players up but I don't see this happening, all its doing is annoying the people who put the retards on this deathstreak.


    From what I've seen people who started playing without deathstreaks (e.g BO) are much much better then those that started in a deathstreaks game, we already have enough **** in the game why frustrate people any further.

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    100% agree with you here Rugged...

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    DMH will make run-n-gunners have to stop and think about getting to close to people all the time.


    So if you are using an SMG or Shotgun (designed for close quarter combat), you're expected to to use it as an Assault Rifle, LMG or Sniper just to avoid Dead Man's Hand?


    MW3's maps & spawn system are purely close quarter battles so a majority of the time you are going to get close up to other players.

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    Dmh, final stand and martyrdom would be ok if they reset after getting the revenge kill.

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    Quit crying about death streak's!!! 


    Not all of us have the "sweet spot" Internet and run around like cod gods getting the insta-kills.  If you don't like the death streaks go play something else plain and simple.


    Since DMH makes you guys cry a river, think I will run it with hardline with support stealth boomber / emp so I can get them early and often just to make someone upset because they got taken out of their precious kill streak / MOAB run.

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    I guess a lobby which removes the most common griefing aspects to players would be nice. It's been done before with the "Express Playlist" introduced later in BO which removed Ghost and Second Chance amongst other things.

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