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  • 70. Re: Yes another tread about campers....

    @ djcircle:


    You disagree that there is only a true form to play, yet you say not to an extent? That makes no sense, make up your mind! Your statistical analogy is correct, you flip a coin chance is you'll hit 50% / 50% head or tails!


    Now this is where I can't figure out why people complain, is camping hard to deal with or is it easy! If its hard to remove a team or well placed enemy then you are the inferior player, if its a team holding down a position, why is that considered inferior? Where is it written down that only rushing is the true form of playing? Isn't considered stupid to mount deaths?

  • 71. Re: Yes another tread about campers....

    People use Tactical Insertion? I've only ever seen it in videos, or when I drop one down to attract attention(I never actually use them to spawn...)

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