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why no Israeli flag

I am outraged that there is no Israeli flag in the game but other that have a small population of players like south africa and china (very confused because of communism and lack of web based videogames there that have internet to the US) and they have the Russian flag were this game is banned because of US troops killing russians. Im jewish and i just want a flag that represents the jews and there country proudly. This is being racist and it has to stop because it is giving an excuse to the neo-nazis that if a game ingores the Jews then nobody will care if we hurt them and kill them. I dont care if israel has broken any UN agreements that is the government not the people. We fought a war the first day Israel was declared a country for the jews and won using soda pop bottles filled with gas so i think we should be able to get a simple flag on a game it is just a star of david and white and blue lines that is it. I am 13 and i even realize this i think a game designer can think this too. Please spread this thread to all your friends to help a country and a religion gain its right in a video game.


Thankyou for reading  my threed


שלך בברכה עמית יהודים וישראלים