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Is anyone else having trouble getting in a decent lobby?

Everytime I search for a game it seems to skip over ping 50 and 75 and try to put me in 100 ping lobbies. Have to keep quitting lobbies before game starts. Seems to be since elite drop came out. Everythings gone tits up with this game. Hope the makers of this game all burn in hell over this mess, hasn't been much good since it came out last year. Probably be working 10 times better just as new cod comes out. we will have all swapped to that game, and be moaning about that game then, lol. sorry for the rant but this game has brought out the worse in me. I've never played a game that has wound me up this much. Never shouted or swore at tv set before this game came out. wife and kids keep telling me off, lol.

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    Don't worry man, my wife does the same to me. lol



    And the apparent answer that I've read across these threads from Devs and Mods alike, is that it will be like this until more people purchase their product, the DLC containing Content Drop 1.


    That's a summary that means to me: More people need to spend more money on our stuff, or your game will not work.


    Yes, this is srs bznss. kthxbai          >_<

    The only option you have against this is to hit the select button before you search for a lobby of your game mode of choice to filter out lobbies with DLC, otherwise your ping rate will normally go (like mine) above <100 before you find a lobby.

    The only solution I've found to this otherwise, is to back out every time it hits <100 and try again, or get in a party of 3+, and your ping (if your connection is similar to mine when I'm the party host) will normally not go above <50, hardly ever to <75.


    No clue why. You're welcome, man.

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    It sucks that all the people who are still dropping their hard-earned money into this game are not getting the results they wish.  I will not spend anymore money on this title than I already have, only purchased the disc (non-hardened edition and no ELITE).  Waste of money. 


    I can still be in a clan and do clan ops with all of my teammates w/o paying the extra $50.  I think the issue is the new maps.  I have not bought them, and won't, and I have decent games everyday.  Lobbies of <50 ping almost all the time and never higher the <75. 


    My tip to all: do not spend anymore money on this POS, save it for BLOPS2.  Everyone who has bought or already had the new maps is always complaining about the crap lobbies they get into.  Solution: DON'T BY THIS SHYTE!!!!

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    I feel your pain.  I play on a fiber optic line and sometimes it take 2-3 tries to get into a <50ms lobby.  I just back out and search again if it doesn't hit.  If you search for dlc only matches, the quality is significantly better.  Good luck to you-