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TOP 10 ★PERKS in Call of Duty History? (UPDATED w/ 3-1)

Here I count down the Top 10 perks in call of duty history. Let me know what your guys' favorite perks in call of duty history are.




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    Love these videos keep them coming

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    My Top 10 COD Best Perks


    1. Sleight Of Hand

    2. Flak Jacket (BLOPS)

    3. Tactical Mask Pro (BLOPS)

    4. Hacker Pro (BLOPS)

    5. Juggernaut

    6. Stopping Power

    7. Hardline Pro (MW3)

    8. Assassin Pro (MW3)

    9. Dead Silence

    10. Recon Pro (MW3)


    My Top 10 COD Worst or Useless Perks


    1. Commando (MW2)

    2. Danger Close (MW2)

    3. 3x Frags (COD4)

    4. Second Chance Pro (BLOPS)

    5. One Man Army (MW2)

    6. Eavesdrop (COD4)

    7 Toss Back (WAW)

    8. Shades (WAW)

    9. Gas Mask (WAW)

    10.Scout (BLOPS)

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      Scrambler belongs on the Useless/Worst list. From a design standpoint it was practical but once used in-game anyone with Ninja Pro or SitRep Pro would find them easily.


      Any perk from Waw shouldn't be judged since Treyarch didn't really understand IW's approach to the way perks were designed. They added in a lot of new perks. I think there were at least 8 perks for each slot where now with the last 3 titles we have the standard 5 per slot. They were useful but couldn't replace Stopping Power, Jugg, Dead Silence, Bandolier or Sleight of Hand.


      Once the Pro Perk model was introduced in MW2 it's much easier to design since one perk evolves into 2 perks and in some cases 3 perks like Blind Eye Pro.


      Good Vid though!

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    In no particular order.....


    1. Sleight of Hand (All)

    2. Flak Jacket (Blops)

    3. Tac Mask (Blops)

    4. Assassin MW3)

    5. Stopping Power (MW & MW2)

    6. Steady Aim (Blops, MW3)

    7. Hardline (Blops, MW3)

    8. Ninja (Blops)

    9. Ghost (Blops)

    10. Claymore x2 (MW)

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    I found it kind of funny that Perk # 7 was steady aim, as shown in MW3, but the benefits were never used.  No hip hire kills or quick weapon changes that made a difference in a gun fight.


    Just strange to me I guess.

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    Piston you should just make the whole movie and put it out instead of doing it in parts lol not only can I not wait to see the rest of the list but im also worried I may miss it some how if I get off line

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    Satchel Charge>

    Double Tap>

    Deep Impact>

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    I think Marksman belongs in the top ten.

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    BEST as in most powerful:

    Slot 1:

    3: Scavenger (MW2):
    Ressuplies grenade launchers, RPGs, Claymore, Grenades or whatever in addition to your primary weapons.


    2: OMA (MW2):
    Resupplies and reloads all your ammo and equipment, AND allows you to change your primary, AND can be used an unlimited number of times.

    Infinite claymores (though only two could be placed at a time), but also infinite tubes for your primary weapon's underbarrel grenade launcher, and infinite grenades and stun grenades.

    1: Sleight of Hand Pro (MW2):
    Aim faster = Kill faster

    Reload faster = Die less from an empty weapon

    Couple stopping power with sleight of hand pro in MW2, and your 0.5 seconds to kill an enemy on sight turns down into 0.20 seconds, much less than half.

    In the example we use FAMAS:
    Kills in 0.130 seconds, 0.065 seconds with stopping power



    Slot 2:


    3: Quickdraw (MW3)

    Aiming faster means killing faster.

    Without the perk, assault rifles need 0.30 seconds to aim down the sights.

    With the perk, assault rifles need 0.15 seconds to aim down the sights.

    With the perk, snipers need 0.20 seconds to aim down the sights.

    With quickdraw, you will win scenarios where you spot an enemy much more often, given that you can aim at them within your 0.15 second aim time with your assault rifle.


    2: Stopping Power

    Killing faster means killing faster.

    It HALVED the time it took to kill with M16 (CoD4, MW2), FAMAS (MW2), AK47 (CoD4, MW2), RPD (CoD4), SCAR-H (MW2),  and M1 Carbine (WaW).
    Couple this with Quickdraw HALVING the time it takes to aim accurately down your sight on an enemy, and you're looking at a complete primary weapon ownage versus people using another perk 1 and 2, not camping in a corner or tall grass.


    1: Juggernaut (CoD4, World at War)
    Living longer means more time to kill those pesky guys shooting you.

    It allowed you to survive sniper-rounds to the head unless the snipers used stopping power.

    It allowed you to take one more hit from almost every weapon in the game when opponents used stopping power.

    It also reduced the damage of explosions.

    Problem was, it also reduced the damage from players not using stopping power.
    Weapons dealing 20 damage needed TWO more hits to kill a juggernaut.
    50 damage became 37 -- one more hit to kill.
    40 damage became 30 -- one more hit to kill.

    30 damage became 22 damage -- one more hit to kill.
    BUT 20 damage became 15.
    5 hits to kill was turned into 7.

    Silencers reduce range, so juggernaut quadrupled as the anti-sneak perk.
    Finally, at least one weapon in each class doubled as the juggernaut weapon.
    M14 dealt 50 damage on a decent range and didn't need stopping power.

    Skorpion had low recoil and dealt 50 damage on a very short range.

    Dragunov didn't have any benefits from Stopping Power apart from being able to kill juggernauts.

    Shotguns were great with juggernaut.

    Juggernaut in a nutshell:


    Slot 3:


    3: Steady Aim Pro (MW3)

    For run and gunners, steady aim doubles accuracy when firing from the hip AND doubles as the perk that allows you shoot faster after sprinting.
    It also allows you to AIM faster after sprinting, and coupled with Quickdraw, you can aim and shoot an enemy before he even has the time to put his sight on you.


    2: Marksman (MW3)
    For a camper or when defending in objective games, the assistance of a name over an enemy head through 50 bushes and 3 trees and a thin shed with a tiny hole helps tremendously.
    I can not even count the times I have seen a name through DENSE bushes and trees and whatnot, COMPLETELY concealing an enemy to the point where not one single pixel of his body is visible, forcing me to guess if his head is under the center of his name or his name INCLUDING the clan tag.
    If only more people dropped the clan tag and had five letter gamertags.
    Preferably with a V in center, giving us a very good indication on where his head is.




    1: Dead Silence


    If you play with the sound on, you can get heaploads of kills simply because you only hear other people's footsteps when you're sprinting, and can locate the enemy in a split second with surround.

    Situational awareness SKYROCKETS when using dead silence.



    God perk tier:
    1: Commando
    Longer range than a sawed off shotgun or a weapon with a bayonett.
    Nuff said.

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    My favorites are:


    Double tap

    Stopping Power

    Sitrep pro

    Steady aim pro

    Slight of hand pro


    Marathon pro

    Lightweight pro


    Ninja pro

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    nt my favourite bcus they piss me off , but probs the best 3 perks in cod history ,               




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    Great video, I really enjoyed it. You should also do a top 10 for the worst perks in CoD history (lemme know if you've already done so).

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    Stopping Power

    Sleight of Hand

    Steady Aim


    Flak Jacket

    Tactical Mask





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    Good list, I usually enjoy your vids and these are no exception. I would prolly just add Flak Jacket Pro from Black Ops because it really was an effective perk when needed, and people appreciate it even more thanks to the abomination that is Blast Shield.

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    Teir 1:





    Teir 2:


    Stopping Power



    Teir 3:

    Dead Silence

    Steady Aim