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Black Ops 2012 ReUsable Map packs?

I was wondering that if you got blackops2012, Would we get to reuse of our Blackops Normal map packs?


Example: Someone bought Rezzurection  and knew BlackOps2012 Was here, when he gets it will he get the Blackops Rezzurection map pack with Blackops2012 Zombies?


Im worried to lose my hard work getting rezzurection. :|

Please answer when answers are Notified.

Hopefully yes that we get refunded  AKA Reuse the map packs.





i think you should put Kino And five in a map pack with DeadopsArcade.

And then put on the original black ops a Map Code

For each system to put in black ops 2012 for the Kino and Five And deadops levels.



Please answer soon!

And keep up with the development!


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    I've also been thinking about this recently, it would be a win win


    Us: The game could detect whether or not you own black ops. If so, it will unlock the re-mastered versions of Kino and Five.

    Each Black Ops map pack you own could unlock the re-mastered versions of their respective zombies maps, including rezzurection to unlock the World at War maps.

    We would then get the maps we have already payed for again with new features such as host migration and improved leader boards for free


    Activision: For people who have Black Ops 2 as their first game, they will fall in love with zombies like we did in World at War, and instantly buy the Black Ops map packs in order to unlock the previous zombie maps. After discovering they have purchased 12 multiplayer maps for Black Ops, they may buy that too. (Only the zombie maps should carry on to the next game for these business reasons, and to keep Black Ops 2 fresh and interesting)

    Sales of Black Ops will increase, Sales of Black Ops Map packs will Increase, Reputation to fans will improve by offering a free upgrade to their already paid for zombie maps for loyal returning customers.


    The downside is the player count on Black Ops zombies will fall, but they already have our money, so hey, just keep up with the times!


    The way I see it Activision will not miss out financially by doing this, but will gain a much improved reputation. It seems they are already trying to reward loyal customers, such as with MW3's free prestige tokens for each previous COD game you prestiged in, so I guess this is not completely out of the question. The thing is, would Treyarch waste their time remaking 10 maps that we have already paid for just to be put in a new game? I'd imagine they're rather busy with new maps to be honest... 10 maps are a lot, so I'm guessing they will start fresh with Black Ops 2, and just tell people to play old zombie maps on old COD games, which is understandable. But we can always hope... Let's just hope they don't recharge us for the same maps again like with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2!


    Maybe if we raise awareness, we can get Treyach and Activision to do this, even if the old maps are released after the game?! I'm sure there will be high demand for this if people find out it's possible...

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      If Black Ops two runs on the same engine as 1, there will be no need for remastering, which increases the possibility.


      If it runs on a tweaked MW3 Engine, (Which it probably will) Than Treyarch just needs to slightly adjust the maps to run on the engine. Simple as that.


      This is possible, but I just cant see a company like activision doing something like this. If they do it at all, there going to charge SOMETHING for this. Maybe if you bought them before you get a DISCOUNT or something. (30% seams reasonable) and if you get the Hardened Edition, you get (30%) off, and for prestige (40%) off.


      So if I bought the old maps, and bought prestige id get (70%) off. If I bought the old maps and the Hardened, I'd get (60%) off.


      If you still don't get my idea. See the table below \/




      You Bought the...               Price of Pack     Percent off

      Maps Originally                    $28                     30%


      Blops2 Hardened                  $28                     30%


      Blops2 Prestige                    $24                     40%


      Maps Orig.+ BO2 Hardened   $16                     60%


      Maps Orig.+ BO2 Prestige     $12                     70%





      I Can literally see Activision Doing something more like this  ^^^ instead of making them totally free.

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        I think this seems too complicated, they would either charge a set price for the map pack, use black ops map packs, or not release previous maps at all. Unfortunately, the latter is probably the most likely.


        Also, I don't think you really needed to make another thread exactly the same as this one. It's perfectly understandable, a simple post would have sufficed


        But yeah, I hope they do release the maps and give them for free to those who have already bought them such as us


        Remember there have also been rumours of a map editor, (not sure if MP, zombies or both) so we may be able to make the maps ourselves xD (Unlikely though, as this would reduce sales for activision)

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        Black Ops 2 runs on Treyarchs "Black Ops" Engine

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    I doubt it would happen. You could always just play Black Ops 1 if you wanted to play Rez.

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    they'll probably have a map pack with all of the BO zombie maps(most likely without the WaW zomie maps)



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    Yeah its probably not going to happen :C but if it does i can only see them putting in blops maps and not the WAW maps which is a shame i would love to play some WAW maps with 8 players and host migration

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    Thats how it worked last time with the world at war maps, at first you couldnt use them and then after about 2-3 months they realessed the maps to you to use with block ops, so imagine that it would be the same thing. i dont see them not putting all the maps available on the other games with the ones from black ops two, although it seems like it is a new story base with different caracters so there can also be a big possibility that they dont realese the maps froms previous games.

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    We're at bo2 still a long way to go to bo2012


    But on a seriuos note. Think if you want to play the old maps play the old game