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RECKLEZZ GAM3RZ recruiting active members (ps3)

Have you ever wished that you never lost a match because your team sucks?

Do you want to work with competitive, active, and loyal members who don't treat each other like trash ?

Are you ready to take CoD Clans to the next level?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this clan is for you!

We work as a team and we stay as a team as we would say, to achieve victory you gotta use teamwork it's simple logic

There are some rules to follow but of course rules are meant to be broken.....but not here


RULEZ (sounds cooler with the Z)

-Treat each other with respect, that's what makes the world a better place right?

-You gotta be active, I'm not talking 24/7 active just some few days a week......your choice!

-you have to be experienced with CoD, K/D doesn't matter

- You have to at least have the free elite but premium will Awesome

-No mercy to enemy team

-mic is not required but CAN help

-If you ever decide to join this clan you can only be in this clan

-Put RZGZ as your clan tag

-In Objective based games, go for the objective not for the kills

-Be Reckless don't care about the risks, if you see a whole team go for the kills don't worry if you die trying, we will help you out


Those are the rulez basically

If you have any questions then post them on the bottom

You can join if you have elite, also send me a message at wwecharlie (psn)

No website for the moment but I don't think we need one

We will change your gaming life forever

Join Now