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"The Future Is Not As Far Off As Most People Think - We're Not Ready For It" + more BO2 information!


So techinically there is no official Forums for Black Ops 2, and so I'm posting about this, since MW3 forums are actually more popular.


That sentence, "The Future Is not As Far Off As Most People Think - We're Not Ready For It", it is on the homepage of the official Call of Duty site, it is hidden behind others, if you have not seen it and want to feel free to look for it, it's just poking out.



But anyways, what are your thoughts on what this could mean? LET'S GET INTO A FEW MORE DETAILS.


If you wish to look into this information yourself please visit http://callofduty.com/


RELEASE DATE! -- It is said the current release date for Black Ops 2 is going to be November 13th, 2012. 2 years in the making if my thoughts are correct! Hopefully 2 years was enough to make this a good game! Pre-order cards prove my theory, and I think proves it's true!



PICTURE IS CLEAR! -- The picture of the new Call of Duty (Black Ops 2) is unblurred while listening to the message "The enemy could be anywhere, and it could be anyone" as well on the homepage, it is one man, holding a gun near his head, looks bald, I don't know who this could be, but the picture is very clear.


FIRST CODE POSSIBLY UNCOVERED? -- The numbers 34.040063,- 118.266846231 are coordinates and lead to Los Angeles, S Flower Street, any thoughts on that? There are 8 more (noticed) unknown meaning codes, none are coordinates as the rest have letters.



THE PERK "SPY" COULD BE COMING TO BO2! -- It is rumored, the message "The enemy could be anywhere, and it could be anyone" could lead to the perk Spy, it is a perk that allows you to show up as a friendly on enemies UAVs but makes you turn red whenever you fire a gun. Not something I want to see in the game. Also, there has been a picture, of what looks like a UAV but is a definite killstreak, what are your thoughts on the picture + the perk 'Spy'?  If you wish to know where to find these codes etc. http://callofduty.com/  Go check now!


If you also have information you wish to share please leave a reply telling me! I love all information! Also tell me what you're excited for in Black Ops 2, is it the snipers, shotguns, zombies?!