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What do you want Snipers in Call of Duty to be?


How do you guys think snipers are today. If you dislike them what do you think they should turn out to be like?

Personally Quickscoping and Trickshotting has gotten a little annoying in my opinion. OpTic and FaZe has brought too many people using snipers the way they're supposed to be, just because they want to be like them.


What I want to see in upcoming sniper rifles is no aim assist for them. This is the main thing that allows quickscopers and trickshotters to actually get the shot, and I'd love the sway to be back to, though it may be hard to snipe, it would cleanse whatever the game is of quickscopers, hardscopers, trickshotters, etc. etc.


If you guys agree with me I'd love to see if my idea would actually be... Well a good idea, and if you have your own little ideas, please reply and tell me! I'll reply and read them all, I just want to see what kind of things everyone wants

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    I think it has already been put out that there won't be aim assist for sniper rifles. Don't quote me on that though.


    I personally hate quickscoping. I understand why it's a good thing to know how to do, but to do it all the time is dumb.


    I've gotten my L118A gold, so I know how to snipe, but I only quickscoped probably 10 of them, and they were freakout QS's. I think sniping the REAL way takes more true skill, but there will be those that argue otherwise.

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    i think they should make it where you can't even fire a sniper rifle unless you are crouched or prone. and you can only get a kill if you are actually aiming through the scope. and you shouldn't be able to hip fire it at all. but that's just my opinion.

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    i would accept sniping if it was like Black Ops  then you can say you have skills

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    Removing no-scoping? Are you serious? If you have to no-scope, you do it out of necessity. If someone pops up right in front of me, there isn't time to switch to my secondary, so I'm gonna try to get lucky. 9 times out of 10 I miss anyways.


    And making it unable to stand up and shoot would make it more realistic, but CoD isn't a realistic game. It's an arcade shooter.


    And the ONLY time snipers should get a hitmarker and not a OSK is when you shoot the arms or legs, silenced or not. Obviously people have never seen the damage an actual sniper round does to a person's body.


    People are just hating on snipers because they don't know how to play against them. If you get killed by a sniper, flank them. If you're an idiot and keep going the same way and keep getting killed, you have no brain and deserve it. Don't complain if you can't adapt.