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Why Do We still watching Game crackers and game hackers?


As you know AlterIW destroyed because of Activision Complaint.So that was nice to every one who loved to play clean.

But some people continue their way with another style.

that's right.TeknoGods.visit these hackers official website http://teknogods.com/.

they created a big lie.they told players that "we don't crack the game.you should have the Original Game in steam and we only moding this."

but in fact,if you download the last teknogods requirement files,you can play mw3 free,without paying anymoney.it's cause ,was a lot of pc players moved there again like alterIW.

unfortunately i couldn't find a way to report it to activision.so First of all i decided to open discussion about it here.

i will be so proud if you send your comments about it.