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Hello fellow mw3 wii players


it is noooo1234 and i think we need a B.I.G update i think it is about time that we get all the maps that are on the xbox version.  i mean we are TODALLY missing out i mean there is not infected which is VERY popular on xbox.  there is also dropzone and that sounds pritty cool.  ive been to my friends houses and they have a xbox and i dont so i take advantage of that and I play it at there house and let me tell you WE ARE TODALLY MISSING OUT!!!.  So with the help of everyone in this community i think we can convince them. what? you dont belive that we are missing out?


these are all the games that the wii DOESNT HAVE!!!


  1. Infection – A mode borrowed from Halo, there will be a small team of infected and large team of uninfected.  The infected have to kill the uninfected to recruit them, slowly shifting the teams over a game.
  2. Drop Zone – Protect a drop zone for points and care packages while the enemy team fights for control of it. It looks to be an interesting king of the hill variant.
  3. Team Juggernaut – TDM with one player being a Juggernaut for each team.  These power-houses will require teamwork to overcome.
  4. Juggernaut – A game mode that has been in many FPS games over the years under a lot of different names.  The premise is that a player is a Juggernaut and the rest of the players are trying to kill them.  If you get the kill, you are the new juggernaut.
  5. Gun Game – The Black Ops wager match game with a new set of weapons.
  6. One in the Chamber – The same as the Black Ops wager match of the same name.


well there you have it a few games that are very popular that arnt on the wii and so... I think it is about time for us to get an update this time so we can accually get ALL the game modes instead of just makeing new maps for the xbox.


if you have any comments or other games i left out that are on the xbox that arnt on the wii please type in as a answer.