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Boosters not getting punished? Why?


Hey guys so I've been 'booster busting' lately, I pay as close attention as I can to all splitscreeners and same clan tags in infected games. The count of boosters I've found is at 62!

I reported each and every one of them, I also have theater recording for each and every one of the boosters, they might not record but I do. I report them under boosting, and keep track if they get reset/banned, etc. So far only 5 of them have, I don't know if it's just because they have a large amount of boosting reports or that they don't read all reports, but if boosters are gonna stop, they're going to have to be punished quicker.


Same goes for glitchers, I've reported several players that have gotten out of the map and they just shoot you from under the ground but you can't shoot them. Hardly any of the reports I've made that are accurate have been actually useful, only few have gotten reset or banned.


Is this because they have large amounts of reports or just lack in time needed to review the reports?