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*POSSIBLE SPOILER* So im really excited because i was searching through youtube and somebody commented on a video about the quote "the enemy could be anywhere, and it could be anyone" and said that it was said by a man named Joseph McCarthy. He was a notorious US Senator that was obsessed with finding high up figures like celebrities and politicians, and exposing them as Communists. I searched through his records and he took many people to court for being communists spies. The CIA does not refer to the McCarthy era as the "red scare" or "witchhunt", they call it THE CIA- McCARTHY FIGHTS on their STUDIES IN INTELLIGENCE site. They know better. In 2001, before 911 a family discovered boxes of Intel about the only truly secret Intel agency we ever had. The boxes were discovered in Virginia, and a call was placed to CIA in Langley. Agents were sent out to look at these classified documents about a group within CIA called THE POND. But there was a problem. No one at the agency had any knowledge of the group, and there was no record of the group.


One can only imagine what the agents thought as they sifted through the documents. The Pond was a private firm hired to find spies within the government, headed by one Jean (John) Grombach. It's most famous member had been Raoul Wallenberg who because he was not bound to Intel rules of the day rescued tens of thousands of Jews from death, at times being shot at as he passed passports out to people in cattle cars on trains. The State Department turned him into Stalin and he vanished. There was a reason McCarthy did not trust the State Department.


Grombach shifted from OSS (which he helped end by showing Truman a list of Russian agents within the group), to the State Department, Army and CIA. Less than 5 people in government knew what he was doing. One of his contacts was a rogue KGB head. He was being given the names of people worldwide being enlisted by the Soviets for spying. He went to the FBI, White House, OSS, Army and then CIA with the list. But there was a problem. FDR failed to act on the list. The FBI dropped the ball on Communist espionage during the war and after destroyed legal cases against spies by breaking the law while gathering evidence (a problem that still exists today).


Grombach was stunned when Alger Hiss was put in charge of security at Yalta. He couldn't believe the spies were advancing in their careers. So he made sure his list went to McCarthy. Contrary to almost 50 years of CIA black ops propaganda, McCarthy had nothing to do with the Hollywood 10, Loyalty Oaths, or just about everything people think of him for now. This was accomplished because 15 CIA agents were on the NY Times payroll and helped coin the term "McCarthyism" and all the others associated with him. But that's a different story.


McCarthy was in shock. He decided to go after the government for protecting spies involved in espionage against this county. He made it clear he was going after the Army, State Department, CIA and then the White House for answers. Dulles got a copy of the list and must have gone into shock. He recognized it as the legit list of Grombach and The Pond. He called kookie Angleton (he would later head CIA and place under house arrest over 100 CIA agents as suspected double agents and force feed them LSD and have them interrogated. Sounds like a bad trip to me. Turned out, they were all innocent and Angleton's top adviser was the double agent but that's a different story). Angleton was instructed to feed McCarthy a fake name or two through the Pond right before the Army hearings to shatter McCarthy's confidence. It worked.


McCarthy was nothing more or less than a patriot and a whistleblower. Anyone with that list would have been destroyed. Intel agents know they could have a really bad rep in public while doing great things, it comes with the territory. Aleister Crowley the so-called black magician was a British spy first under Reilly (the ace of spies) and then Ian Fleming (he even got to interrogate Rudolph Hess). But his public face was totally trashed. Still is. But he was in Intel. McCarthy was not. What was done to his name and career is shocking not just because CIA broke it's own charter to get him, but because he was an innocent man who was trying to protect his country. He was a Senator. Im thinking that Alex Mason is part of "The Pond" and the real enemy is the CIA. Just a thought. What do you think?