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The second cold war


A few weeks ago, everybody was certain that Black Ops 2 would be another Cold War era from Treyarch. However, ever since the image of the quadrotor and FPSRussias video, it has been uncertain what is going to happen with it. Well, being the genius that I am, and having spent many hours thinking about it, I have come to the 100% certain conclusion about Black Ops 2, with the reasoning behind it.


As most people have been thinking about, Black Ops 2 is definitely set in the future, but I have gone further than that, and worked out the basis and setting. The game will be set in 20-30 years time, in what I think will be called 'The second Cold War'. This justifies the move to the future. It means that Treyarch can have the same sort of tone, but without the limitations of history on themselves. The move to the future lets Treyarch unleash their creativity, and keep all the conspiracy theories that they had in Black Ops.


As I said a second ago, history limited Black Ops. Treyarch couldn't do anything to crazy with it, since anything that was too big or crazy would have been too unrealistic. However, with the future, they do not have these limitations, even if it is the close future. They can easily have a base on the moon, or a mission to mars or something like huge nuclear missiles. Now that I think about it, it would have actually been silly to stay in the Cold War, when they could have jumped to the near future to have the second cold war. This realistation has led me to believe this game will be amazing fun, and we will be doing really cool stuff. Imagine hijacking a rocket on a mission to Mars, and trying to stop it from reaching there! That would be too awesome. I don't know if that would happen, but Call of Duty is known for their big set pieces.


One final point that I need to address is the name. Why call it Black Ops 2 if it isn't a sequel? Well, simply, since it would be the second cold war, it would be the second major time Black Ops missions have occurred, so they would call it Black Ops 2.


Do I have any hard, proper evidence for my opinion? Not really. The images posted on Call of Duty.com like the Quadrotor, the 'Avenger'(the UAV thing), and also when David Vonderhaar said on Twitter about wall banging campers, that hinted at vision that could see through walls that go on your scope, and I am certain that they did not have that technology about fifty years ago, and I think(don't quote me on this), but the best technology that they have today for seeing through walls are heartbeat sensors. However, now that I have realised this, I am certain this is what will happen, since the idea is too awesome to comprehend, and Treyarch are that awesome and creative. Thanks for reading guys, please post your opinions on my opinions beneath, since I want to see what others think of my ideas.