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LOL Customer Service at its finest

Daniel M: Activision Support reporting for duty! Daniel M: Can we start off with your gamertag/ PSN ID ? You: ah well this isn't for xbox or ps3... i play on the pc version You: but would be id: *removed for privacy* Daniel M: Ok and how can I assist you ? You: well i was wondering... received a VAC ban this morning on a 'cheating infraction' and I'm trying to figure out why that is because I haven't done anything to receive a ban... Daniel M: I dont want to be the bear of bad news but bans are unable to be discussed. You: I know being under 500 of 600,000 in capture the flag rank alone is fairly skilled and i get report hack threats all the time... Daniel M: I undertsand but i cannot say from that point. we are unable to speak about bans unfortunately You: i understand that but i can have someone personally inspect my machine or by windows 7 ultimate remote assistance and verify I don't run any hack or game mod software Daniel M: I understand but I cant quote anything, we dont post bans on our end and if a customer get a ban from either consoles or Pc we can not discuss unfortunatly. You: the question i have is bans can't be discussed or reversed... what am i to do? keep paying $40+ every time someone threatens report? Daniel M: I cant quote it but if they ban it must have been a reason. It dont matter how many players report a player they still have to verify and then post the ban if necessary. You: seriously not running any software to boost stats, increase fire rate, autoaim, see through walls, or any hacked lobbies... i know such software exists and refuse to use it... i've even reported websites and players who spam those Daniel M: I undertsand that. But like I said i cant quote why players get ban that is entirley from that department. Again i do apologize for this. You: ok well i do understand a console ban is different than pc? correct? i understood most on xbox live for example are a minimum 2 day ban is that the same for PC or is that permanent? Daniel M: There are also permanent bans for consoles, but thats hacking or heavy tampering You: yes i do understand that also... i'm just trying to figure out the easiest way to rebuild putting 1000+ hours into playing CTF matches to get down to 368 in rank again after some schmuck accused me of hacking lol Daniel M: Yea I so see what you are saying but its just i cant do anything from this point. Im like being real serious as much as i would help you and find this out. You: ok is there somewhere else to direct this to? is this more of a valve/steam support issue as to why VAC is acting up or where to find more information? Daniel M: A rep told me to contact steam You: just trying to find out where to go... i know both bancandy and banstache have enough to do and i've tried to email both of them at IW to hopefully reinvestigate this somehow You: ok thank you i will try steam as well, not sure but i swear to god someone either doesn't like me, FMG9 akimbo, or VAC is acting up reporting bad data lol Daniel M: HAHAHAHA im sorry man but that was funny. You: ok out of 600,000 im sure there's 450,000 or so someone's who don't like me lol Daniel M: Thats alot Daniel M: Do you have further questions for me ? You: no thank you though Daniel M: Thank you for contacting Activision Support. The chat has been ended by the agent.


Are you ******* serious the Activision rep laughed at me? Nope, sorry don't think I was joking when I stated that I have more than solid proof I don't use or support hacks and have no clue why VAC is reporting that I have a 'cheating infraction'... this is exactly what you will get when you attempt to prove you are legit and restore your stats because you did not use hacks or mods to modify your game to begin with.

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    wierd worlds are these

    You were banned for cheating!!!!!


    You say you don't use cheat's but clearly you do.




    Busted go back under your rock troll!!!!

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      try again... thats obviously not the same badplumr as he last logged into catalyst around august 2011... before this game was released... and you can come check the PC for yourself anytime you like to accuse *******... nice try troll

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        wierd worlds are these

        I will say again you were banned for cheating.


        However I will add you cannot get unabanned for it, on these forum's or any forum's you have to get in touch with Valve on the Steam page however they will not unban.


        They will not tell you what caused the ban other than a cheat was used.


        They will not unban you.


        They will not tell you when the cheat was detected.


        They will simply tell you that a cheat was detected and you were banned for it.


        Now go cry somewhere else, because there is nothing that can be done on here.

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          well gl with that **** i'm not in any ******* way about to pay another $40 or so for a new CD key - I seriously didn't hack, there is no physical proof on this machine, take my word for it or come see for yourself... I've spent over 1000 hours moving down from 200-300k players which is now 600,000+ players in PC version capture the flag alone, ex-currently ranked 368 or in the mid 370s (yes three hundred seventy of 600,000+ in CTF)... I have solid proof that no hacks originated from here, I do not condone hacks or use any type of game mod whatsoever, I do not promote piracy or warez, and I will simply take my $7000 PC and go play BF3 if that's the way your anti-hack community works... defend the real hacks and **** the honest guy who was better than you are, but you threw him under the bus for no apparent reason... idk srsly no one with a .72 k/d ratio or a near 41000 kills to 58000 deaths (total 17000+ debt difference) is a hacker... but yea I can see how far this is getting me and that's why I've messaged Steam support, Bancandy, and Banstache to find out why the hell I'm on a VAC ban list... **** I wouldn't be here trying to clear my name if I paid a monthly sub to use a ******* bot...

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    First off you're taking it up with the wrong people. VAC = Valve. Activision has nothing to do with it. Valve doesn't overturn bans unless you have physical proof you didn't cheat. You're banned. It's over. Buy the game again, or find something else cheat at.

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      ok well im still going to attempt to get **** restored... and for those of you viewing that play the PC version this article is referring to badplumr, lovethyplumber, or |APU| PiMPiN AiNT EZ in-game... I could round up at least 10 people personally and at least 100 people off my friend's list to verify I don't hack... and I could verify that horrible .72 K/D ratio ending alot of matches with negative K/D... if I was watching people through walls I think my stats would be much better and I'd have been ending matches 75-5 like other confirmed hacks... believe what you want, even if I have to buy another CD key for $40 I will do it just to pwn your ass again, even if they ban me a 2nd time for no good reason at all, and it may take 2500 hours to get down to the mid-370s in CTF rank again, but I'll do it just to piss you two ***** off

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    @Weird World Are These and BigFeet13,


    You guys are obviously retarded if you're gonna sit here and accuse Pimpin of hacking.. I have played with him for months now and he has never once looked like a hacker. If he hacked I think that his K/D ratio would be better first off and that he would finish a game on top or be positive most of the time but that is not the case. (Pimpin I am not saying your a bad teammate, you're not) but still he's never 50-0 or anything close to that. There's many hackers on MW3 like Cozen a long with many others who hack it up and they're not getting banned instead they're banning people who aren't even hacking. They need to re-evaluate their **** and ban the REAL hackers. You guys need to move on with all this hacking business and go cry some place else because he doesn't hack and the both of you are just making yourselves look like dumbasses.

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      wierd worlds are these

      Lol at Badplumr making a 2nd account to defend himself, and I know it's the same person because of you lack of using paragraphs etc well done kid go back to school, and then go and cry to mummy and daddy about why you need a advance on your pocket, money to buy the game again because you were banned.


      Cheaters are always coming here crying once they have been banned saying how they "never cheat" and don't like cheaters etc but they always get found out in the end.


      I will always say VAC is crap and doesn't ban people that often but, other than the mistake that was made with MW2 I have never heard of "LEGIT" players being banned from, being reported to many times etc.


      If they banned people for the amount of times they were reported I would have been banned on every game I have on Steam quite simply because I generally finish every game I play in the top 3 on the team or ffa.


      You were banned for cheating something was detected whether it was a free aimbot/wallhack you downloaded, or a modification to the files that was detected hell even using a console unlocker will get you banned, it's possible that the FOV changer that you could have used got you banned, regardless of what it was you were banned for cheating and it's seriously unlikely that you will be unbanned.

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        dude get over it - A) I don't hack B) its not the same people - I'm still badplumr and thats still queen lol... I know it sounds like a bunch of bullshit - example: downloaded a bot, ****** myself, now I'm crying for my **** back - but that's not the case, I'm sitting here with the cleanest PC known to civilization and still wondering how I got banned for doing nothing... its kind of like you answering the door and wondering how you got a $200 credit card bill from Pizza Hut and 10 large garlic, peanut butter, pineapple, and anchovy pizzas some random kid in the neighborhood called in... yea you'd be pissed too calling Pizza Hut and whoever else to find out why your being charged when you never ordered the pizza.  See where I'm coming from?

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        yea come to think of it queen is right also... you can check I'm not banned from steam registered as either badplumr or in MW3 as |APU| PiMPiN AiNT EZ and totally seperate from queen

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      what does his score have to do with it?

      It's totally immpossible that your freind dl a cheat 5 days ago & is now banned for it? How would his score or k/d reflect a player using a cheat if he was trying it out for only a week or so before getting banned?

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      Nice job on the name calling stupid. I'm not accusing enyone of cheating, VAC is, girl name. I don't care how bad VAC is the vast majoity of who they ban are cheaters. Every anti cheat makes mistakes. But, I can sit here confidently and say he is a cheater, and now he's banned.


      And regardless whether he is on of the >1% who might get accidentally banned, he is banned, and they will NOT lift it. As I said before, buy the game again, or find something else to play, because you will NOT be playing that copy of the game ever again.

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    First off dipsit this isn't Pimpin or Plmbr whatever you wanna call him.. Look this name up on steam and you will see that this isnt' another account that he made. Mothafkin'Queen you should find me..


    No offense to Pimpin but he's not good enough to be a hacker and that's all there is to that. He's probably way older than you too. Why are you even here commenting on this page? Don't you have something better to be doing kid? Or are you that lame?


    If he cheated I wouldn't be defending him but I know for 100% that he DOES NOT CHEAT!!

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      wierd worlds are these

      Well concidering there is a profile on a cheat site, with the exact same name spelt the same it's simple that the person has used a cheat.


      As for me being a "dipshit" well it's good to see that the person who has just signed up to the forum (you) know's how to make a good impression, no need for calling me a "dipshit" as far as I am interested he cheated he got caught and now he is banned so he got his just deserts.


      The reason I made a comment on here is because of the profile on the cheat site, and the fact that most people who are banned for "not cheating" normally come here to ***** and moan knowing full well that they cannot get unbanned, then once they have been laughed at abit they disappear and don't come back.


      VAC picked something up with a cheat signature and banned him for it, so it's simple he will not be unbanned simple as that.


      Just because you say he doesn't cheat doesn't mean they he doesn't cheat, and as for him saying "cleanest" pc around then thats probably because a reinstall was done to stop it showing if they decide to scan his pc again.


      Cheaters deserve what they get and Plumbr has got what he deserves and now it's time to go and pay for a new game, and use a new steam account.


      Oh and just to give you a idea I am 26 years old and I am in work at the moment, but because I have a few easy jobs to do this week that can all be done in one day, I have nothing better to do really than just mess around on the net whilst in work.

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        Well she is right - I am older AND smarter than you... We already went over this... that is another user BECAUSE THAT badplumr last logged into that hack link you posted back in August of 2011... LAST LOGGED IN - DUDE OMG THE F.U.C.K.I.N.G KEYWORD IS: L A S T -- ok are we past this part yet? Because: wait for it... MW3 was released November 8th, 2011... now closely examine your calendar... August is what? 8th month - very good... November is what? 11th month - holy **** your a genius!!!! Thats right... that users last login and hack subscription expired before this game was released and is clearly NOT ME... I'm not trying to deny **** or cover something up... I'm trying to prove THAT IS NOT ME... if you read this reply I think we have accomplished that... if not I think you need to go back to preschool or put a blindfold on and walk out into rush hour traffic...

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          wierd worlds are these

          Right listen you claim to be smarter than me which is possible not going to argue that fact, and yes the last activity date was before the game was released however it does not mean it's not you, all it means is that you(?) could have just signed up to a new site when MW3 came out simple as that.



          Again I will say VAC found something on your pc that caused the ban and that was something it classes as a cheat, so yes you are a cheater and have been banned for it.


          Simple fact there is no point trying to prove anything because people with VAC bans cannot prove they didn't cheat because all it takes is a secure erase of the hdd using a piece of software easily accesible, on the net that will wipe the drive so that no data can be retrieved, then reinstall window's and no one would ever know you had a cheat on that system.


          This forum nor anyone on this forum can have a VAC ban reversed not even Bancandy can do that, because there is NO HUMAN INVOLVEMENT in VAC it is all automated meaning it detected a cheat signature and banned you for it.


          Now give up and go cry somewhere else because you will get no sympathy or help about being banned for cheating on this forum from anyone, because we do not help cheaters as they spoil the game for themselves and for others who want to enjoy the game by playing legit.



          What's next are you going to claim that someone hacked your account and used a cheat then gave you back your account, with you not knowing?


          I don't think so.

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        A reinstall would wipe everything... your right... but you know what... all my files that are here since the oldest as I have reinstalled Windows 7 once when I got the 6990's in February 2011 and had a driver installation error BSOD, which is well before that botter account up there existed... think if that was obviously detectable too remnants of it would still be here... but yea I'm still sitting here computer has been on 24/7 for near 3 weeks straight now and restarted maybe 10 times... idk seriously you want to see for yourself? i am tempted to give my ******* address out and have 100 people in the Fox Lake, IL area come verify the ******* computer is clean and can verify it was for MW2 and BO as well... i still don't hack... maybe if i wanted to get kicked I would have but i didn't... and I'm here to prove it... so go ahead think what you want... and I hope you ***** get banned at 368 of 625,000 in rank with around 2300 flag captures, idk how many defends and returns thought they were like 3500ish, and something like 37500 kills after putting in 1000+ hours and the community responds like this to you... telling you you botted and wasted $60 and 1000 ******* hours... man you'd be ******* bent out of shape too

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    Your not going to get banned if you don't hack so give up. You know how many times a day I get called a hacker and how I am going to get banned... EVERY DAY I PLAY. most games I am sporting a good kd.r. Anyone who plays kc and dropzone knows me so get legit if you got banned you were cheating and a 7000$ machine? really your full of crap i could tell when you first posted and made a second account but the 7000$ machine is just even more to add to the fire. for 7000$ i could make 7 or so top of the line pcs so nice try loser.

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      OK here goes:


      Zalman GS1000 Plus case

      Corsair AX1200 PSU

      ASUS Crosshair IV Formula mobo

      AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2ghz CPU

      4 x 2gb Crucial Ballistix 2133mhz DDR3-17000 memory

      2 x XFX ATI Radeon 6990 HD 4gb GDDR5 video card

      1 x Western Digital WD6402AAEX 640gb 7200 rpm HDD

      3 x Western Digital WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 rpm HDDs

      LG WH10LS30 Super Multi Blu-Ray RW combo drive

      Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler

      4 x Ultra 40141 Silent PC fans 52 CFM 19-25 dBa

      Protected by Powercom KIN-2200AP UPS backup (2200va)


      Also have Bose Companion 5 ($425 new) and Astro A40 Wireless system ($325 new incl. extra tag set, ps3 chat cable (for PC mic to function), and optical audio cable) not included in the above figure.  There's $1700 in graphics alone with two XFX ATI Radeon 6990s, do the math on everything else... sadly some things have depreciated a slight bit since it was built about a year and a half ago and I think the parts total comes to around $5250 now but was around $6500 new.  Also not specifically listed, there's $225 or so for Windows 7 Ultimate license, $60 for Alcohol 120% license, $39 for Raxco Perfectdisk license (and think it was 9.99 for extra 2-yr sub), $120 to start Norton Internet Security 2011 and $60 per year of sub or so after (2012 now), $350 for MS Office 2010 Professional, $399 for Quickbooks Premier 2012... I could keep on going and going on this all but I'll stop now... OK I'm sorry I lied, but if you would accept my apologies, I won't underestimate the value of the entire computer system (software and all) next time I'll tell you flat out it was over $7000.  Dude my gf is pissed, its worth more than my car and I'm making $360 a month payments on my crappy 2000 Chrysler 300 for the next 2 years. LOL


      Again... dude I don't ******* hack... this is not a troll from the same ******* person, Mothafkin'Queen is someone I grouped with daily with her and her husband and other friends as well.  Don't know how else to prove it, seeing as the community is so F.U.C.K.I.N.G. nice here maybe you can come inspect this for yourself, trust me I didn't just uninstall my aimbot program and try to bullshit everyone here, again no one with a death debt of 17000 (41000k to 58000d) and a .72 K/D ratio is hacking, I would have been ending every match 50+ kills to 5 deaths but I didn't... why don't you ask Bancandy and Banstache yourself... they must know I was playing two nights ago ******* around trying to quickscope with an AS50 with little success ending most matches 5-10 kills to like 20-25+ deaths... hell queen would verify that lol she was pissed and said "man you too stoned or drunk or something? stop ******* around, give up sniping and help us out a little..."

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        I Feel you man, My friend got banned for getting moabs in infected by vac >_< he lives beside me.

        I get called hacker everyday for getting osprey's.

        I dont blame them they have seen too many hacks to believe anything

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        So, you spend sh1tloads on your machine and you can't play MW3 (which doesn't need a super-duper machine) - all a bit ironic really.


        And considering the ranting, quite amusing also.


        Good luck with getting unbanned though - if you're not a cheater.

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        you know what... that's an interesting point... maybe thats why I'm labeled as a hack, because my computer is faster than near 75% of computers in this game (averagely speaking $750-2500 for most users who are not going to go overboard like I did) and almost never lag ever... I'm f.u.c.k.i.n.g telling you in plain english again: I did NOT run any bot, boost, wallhack from this machine EVER in MW3 and even back when MW2 or BO were still freshly overplayed... don't know how I'd ever prove it with the OH-SO-YOU-JUST-UNINSTALLED-IT and the YOURE-JUST-TRYING-TO-HIDE-IT people jumping all over me every ******* minute here... I've already proved the other badplumr @wierd linked above can't be me OR involved in this said incident... obviously someone who HAS NOT logged into the hacks forum link up there since August of 2011, which is well before November 8th, 2011 when MW3 was released... had already been inactive for 3 months prior and IS STILL inactive, therefore CANNOT be associated with a current MW3 hack... END OF F.U.C.K.I.N.G. STORY on that b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t is what i say -- idk what else to say but I'm telling you I'm not full of **** and lying to the community... thats not what you're supposed to be doing and I wouldn't expect that from someone under 500 (or not) on a CTF leaderboard of nearly 625,000 estimated PC version players (last I noticed lowest rank in LB scores I saw was like 595,000 at 0 or 1 kill, 0 flag captures, 0 returns, 0 or 1 defends)


        idk trying to be respectful and honest as possible here, which is pretty fkn hard with everyone jumping down my throat screaming bloody murder and HAX every 5 seconds... I'm trying to figure out why VAC is banning me, because I'm telling you its restricting me for no obvious reason to me... I'm not running any such software or ever have... this is like an antivirus detection nightmare... where'd it find that and how do i get rid of that error? don't know how else to put it, but there is something wrong with the VAC system if it has detected me hacking this game, because I'm still being up front insisting I have never installed, ran, or relied on someone in my friends list who may have ran such software... no one has ever asked me about hacked lobbies, aimbot software, or any such thing because I don't associate with that ****... you don't play for over 6 months and work your way down from hundreds and tens of thousands of players to be under 500 using an aimbot... unless of course your name is c0z3n - he's the only one I know obvious as all hell on PC version that has never been banned - check it out I'm on page 3 lol as |ANI| PiMPiN AiNT EZ then and now |APU| -- http://testimonials.c0z3n.org/page/3

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    People talking about "Queen" just made me laugh. "Another One Bites the Dust!" How apropos!


    Have fun with your VAC ban fool!

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      F.U.C.K you too bro... /sigh

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        Well, VAC investigates for quite a while before they issue bans.


        Zero sympathy if you're banned. Glad to see a hacker gone from this game.


        And yeah... all the hackers say they didn't do anything wrong, weren't using cheats, blah, blah, blah.... OWNED!

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          well guess i have something else to do for the community then if this is the b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t response i get... by the end of the week i hope i will accomplish overturning this ban which has targetted a legitimate player, and if and when i get some results on that, i will post it here for all you f.u.c.k.e.r.s. to see... my computer is sitting here still on 24/7 from like 3 weeks ago and i'm not trying to delete and cover up anything or lie through my teeth... seriously i thought putting an actual 1000 hours in would prove I am a legitimate player worthy enough to be ranked under 500 of 625,000 players... idk how long they've investigated me for because in 6.75 months I insist and have more than solid proof that I have not used any sort of hack, bot, or mod in any form for this game or the past 2 generations of MW2 and BO.  Not only do I have RL friends and people I regularly group with that can defend my claim and further attest that I do not hack, but I am willing to seriously pay up to $1000 US cash to have this computer professionally inspected even if it takes 3 months between shipping, thorough analysis, and return time just to prove I am legitimate... here's a better deal, if I am found guilty, I pay all charges related to the examination and lose everything on permaban of IP never to play MW3 ever from this MAC address and IP no matter of attempting to make a 2nd account or not... If I prove myself clean and legitimate, Valve/Steam, IW, and Activision can split the examination costs and publicly apologize for my f.u.c.k.i.n.g public humiliation during this b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t process I should not be in right now... does that sound good to anyone, because it sounds perfectly fair to me?

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    There are all kinds of ways to get banned. Some server tools will get you. I had a bud who used a trick to make a [key] repeat rapidly, and he used it to shoot his semi-auto rapidly. We questioned the legality of it but he said it wasn't illegal... he was wrong. We had anothe guy use a server tool to kick hackers when he was host. Good idea and his heart was pure, but again, it was illegal and he got banned for 6 months. VAC saw something in your machine, or it thinks it did. We can't say whether you cheated or not, but VAC thinks you did. It would seem prudent for VAC to discuss it and get to the bottom line, because we know that VAC is not flawless. It would be a shame to have a flaw in the system banning legiot players and not try to determine if it's correct. I can understand why IW or HAckdivision won't talk to you about it, it's really not their doing, it's VAC, which is STEAM, and they run their own ship.

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      yea i know - as you can see above how nice activision was... yea i guess he did tell me it was a steam issue finally, about 10% right lol still can't believe the bastard laughed at me for my FMG9 akimbo comment, very professional customer service WTG! the other half of this story is actually i did that live chat with activision last night I think around 10 or 11pm and yesterday morning is when I reported it to steam around 5-7 am... still haven't gotten a response there, taking their sweet ass time, but I'm telling you I will get to the bottom of this... **** I'm willing to have the FBI or pay some ******* expert or some **** verify none of that aimbot and hacks crap was ever installed on here... i dont ******* care if i have to ship my ******* unit to Saudi Arabia for 2 months... but when it comes back crystal clean and my ban is reversed, ill be the happiest m.o.t.h.e.r.f.u.c.k.e.r in this community