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Idea for a new Dlc!

As a person playing since the Call of duty franchise since cod 4, I absolutly love call of duty modern warefare 3. As everyone knows Modern Warefare 3 has set alot of new first within the call of duty franchise. An example different ways to earn your killstreaks ect. How about setting another call of duty first?

All the time I hear from my friends "man i wish i had "this gun" again". Or " I hope they bring in the intervention back".


My idea is Modern warefare 3 is the first call of duty to have every single gun from the Call of duty modern warefare series!

Just think about it. It give players more range in there gun choice. And players can have a gun that was their farvorite from the past cods.

And the guns are ready to play online ofcorse.

With the gun pack you can seperate into 2 parts.

A gun pack for every call of duty modern warefare game.

Abviously the guns that are in call of duty 4 modern warefare that are in modern warefare 3 do not need to be in the gun pack. Same for MW2

Guns like:






Since this is a gun pack is should be the same coding from the past call of duties. All you need to do is copy and paste the gun info right?

And obviously test and bring the guns to mw3 standards. Please take my idea and put into consideration.

This will change the game as we know it!

Thanks in advance Splinxes

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    Hello, my name is Daniel


    And i Think they should add camper/ camper pro , as an add on perk,
    like in infected when somone decides to hide/camp they pop up on the rader, I
    think they should use this for the camp/ camper pro perk, which allows
    the players using the cmap / camper pro perk to show the players who are camping, if they
    stay in the same spot for about a min or so, and for the pro add a shorter time they will pop up. >.< just saying would be really nice for us who run and gun, and others who dislike the fact that people can find corners and stay there the whole game lol!