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stalker in black ops 2


I really need stalker in black ops 2. It changed the way I play COD games! It gave me the abily to strafe while aiming and this helped me win a lot of gun fights. and its second ability of delaying triggered explosives is a dream for rushers like me. no more getting killed by a claymore for trying to kill that camper refusing to come out a room. I feel stalker adds strategy and skill to the game. What do you guys think?

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    I've become dependent on this too.  But I didn't read anywhere that it's coming back.  Playing without it will be like coming off a drug addiction.  It'll be rough.

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    Gave you ability to strafe while aiming? Umm, you've always been able to do that on CoD.


    Adds strategy and skill to the game? WTF? You just said it helps you strafe and lets you run right past explosives. What kind of strategy is that? That's just called bum rushing, not strategy.

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    It's nice to see other people discussing this topic. After playing a few hours of BO2 I was hoping I wasn't the only person who felt robbed without the Stalker perk. gun fights are horribly slow whilst aiming down sights and it's basically set me back to one class I'll use in this game being the SMG's. I refuse to use any other classes now and I just know it's only a matter of time before the game will start to bore me using only SMG's or Pistols and I will most likely go back to MW3 or just play an entirely different game all together.. I'm not quite sure why they took stalker out..too many people complaining about players camping in one room, strafing from side to side with it I guess..Not that I ever had a problem getting rid of them on equal terms with stalker equiped myself. lol what say a camper decides to sit inside a room with an SMG and camp while you're using an LMG or AR? dosent exactly fix that issue if you ask me..I might pick up a season pass for this game if I see a change but until then I'm not investing any more money into something I may very just get bored with and throw back in my draw