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Clan Ops

So i guess we gonna have to wait like 2 months for more Clan Ops?



i dont get why the lone wolf ops always got things to play but not clan ops? like seriously why cant they keep it even ? if theres no clan ops then there shouldn't be lone wolf ops like seriously its just stupid. blah this game is getting on my last nerves.

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    I agree completely.  Maybe if we were given some kind of reason, I could understand.  Especially since there is a ranking system.  I'd like to see one a day to help smaller clans rank up faster.

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      Agreed, I don't understand why they don't have a "clans" playlist where you can play different modes and earn xp for a win or kills or whatever. Even if its 10xp per match at least it'll be something. Elite has been the biggest let down in recent memory. So much could have been done, I won't be renewing.

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        Note it's only been out for a few months now, and they're constantly making updates to it, just because it won't please everyone at the same time doesn't mean it's a waste of money or time. Just because you used your money for the clan operations then yeah you wasted your time, but if you actually spend some time and do lone wolf operations and reading the improve section and learning how to use the maps and labeling of the maps and really use everything, it really is worth it. Some people might say that the recent updates have been useless and different updates could be made, but you all have to remember that they have to give the non-premium mebers things aswell, things to make them want more. I'm sure within the upcoming months, we'll be seeing much more improvements on ELITE. :]