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What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

UPDATED POST (5/2/2012)


1. No Final Stand, Last Stand, etc.

2. Make a seperate game mode for snipers, let them do their own thing.

3. No Lethal Deathstreaks. Keep Juiced, Revenge, etc. (Edited)

4. No Revenge Spawns

5. Make Predator Missile At Least A 6 Killstreak (Edited)

6. Bring back Zombies!

7. Bring back Combat Training

8. MW3 Did it Right With Shotgun attachments, don't just give the player one attachment for each different shotgun. Sometimes a grip would be better on a SPAS 12 than a suppresser. (Edited)

9. Bring Back Infected, but Don't Make It Count Towards KDR. (Edited)

10. No More Tactical Insertion or Portable Radar, They Just Promote Camping And Boosting. Or only allow them in certain game modes.

11. No Grenade Launchers, or Rocket Launchers in Hardcore. (Or Make Them Weaker)

12. Make A Perk To Counter Ghost, Or Make It Weaker (Edited)

13. Customizable Gun Stats Would Be Great (Give Us 10 points or something, and we distribute them) (Edited)

14. Make Knife an Equipment, Or A Secondary. Find Some Way To Get Rid Of Panic Knifing (Edited)

15. No Recon Drone, Or At Least Make It Easier To Shoot Down (Recon Drone In MW3 Has Flares) (Edited)

16. No Akimbo Full Auto Guns/Pistols

17. Bring Back The Black Ops Emblem System

18. Get Rid Of Lag Compensation, Work On Hit Detection)

19. If You Bring Snipers Into Regular Game Modes, Get Rid Of Aim Assist


You guys are AWESOME! This thread is now the second most viewed, and has the most replies on the whole forum! It's #1 on the entire Xbox section! Thanks so much you guys! 

  • 1. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    1. Strongly Agree

    2. Strongly Agree

    3. Strongly Agree

    4. Not sure what you mean

    5. Agree

    6. Already confirmed

    7. Agree

    8. Agree

    9. Doesn't matter to me

    10. Not sure about this

  • 2. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    Revenge spawn it where the guy you just killed respawns somewhat close to you to attempt the revenge kill. Its garbage

  • 3. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    Isn't that how spawns work on MW3? I always spawn 5 seconds away from the spot where I got killed.

  • 4. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    1. Agree, although I didnt mind it as much as a deathstreak.

    2. Agree, there should be a snipers game, could be fun. Then again if you make to many game modes like that and this game turns into the new Halo setup.

    3. Agree somewhat. I think some of them were very pointless. (Ex. Hollow Points, Revenge)

    4. Agree, I think the revenge part of the game is crap. Im sick of being spawn killed constantly, but it will always happen im sure..

    5. Disagree, I find the predator missle to be fun, however it does piss me off when im killed due to a team mate not wearing blindeye.

    6. Agree, Zombies!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what they have added this year and how many maps we get when the game first comes out. 6 months away though

    7. Agree, Combat Training is awesome. I had lots of fun with it.

    8. Disagree, Ghost and Blind Eye perks are what keep the game some what tactical. I dont like being killed by helicoptors because an enemy can sit in his spawn to get multiple kills. Those perks were split into two seperate tiers of perks instead of just having Ghost Pro for both which is fine, but I think they belong in the game, otherwise anybody would dominate with their lucky AC130 care packages.

    9. Agree, its fun every once in a while. Thats about it.

    10. Dont know about this one, they can be good and bad depending on the game mode used.

  • 5. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    Yeah that's how it was designed as far as I know. I also spawn close to where I was just killed at even if my team is all the way on the other side of the map.

  • 6. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    No predator missile? I never knew that there was something wrong with the predator missile. It's just another killstreak to me. But on with the discussion...


    1. Agree

    2. Don't care either way

    3. Agree

    4. Don't care either way

    5. Whatever... it's an IW thing, not Treyarch.

    6. Whatever... it's not exactly the most awesome thing ever. (No sarcastic tone implied either)

    7. Agree

    8. Disagree... That perk has been a part of the game since at least CoD4. Just think, if it's gone, then when air support is up, you're still not going to get kills because everyone will be rocking launchers and camping in corners to avoid gun fire from helicopters, thus encouraging camping, not solving it.

    9. Don't care either way... Infected is a IW thing in order to compete with Treyarch's Zombies, so don't be surprised if it doesn't make it in Black Ops 2.

    10. Don't care either way... Although they are very useful in objective game modes when used properly. I'd hate to see them go though.

  • 7. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    I agree with all, except point 9, only if it doesn't count for KD and XP, then it would be nice.

  • 8. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    i agree with every thing strongly but

    1) you need to be real specific to 3arc about the fisrt one like say nothing in the game that makes it so if you get hurt enough to kill you nothing else happens but you die. not lay on the ground with or without yur gun and bleed out or stand back up or get revived. they might make it instead of last/final stand yur team mate can defibulate you bac to life.

    5) whats so bad about predator missles

    8) do you mean put the perks that make you invisible to uav and killstreaks in the same teir

    10) no tacs in FFA but keep it in the other games. if they can keep up with the videos of boosters the community sends in then tacs should not be that big of a problem.


    1) also take out grenade launchers from HC and only keep launchers that lock on to uavs and watever the single shot launcher that can free fire or lock on will be.

    2) make scavenger like it was in mw2 but dosent resupply grenade launchers

    3) only have lethal and non lethal equipment like in mw3 not like in blops were you had lethal, tactical, and equipment.

  • 9. Re: What We Want (And Don't Want) To See In Black Ops 2

    Regardless of what you want or do not want, they the developers still have the final say in what will or will not be in the game regardless if you do or do not like it.

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