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ZOMBIES!!!!! If your looking to be the first to post eastereggs on youtube in nov. read this.!!!!


Me and a friend of mine are top level zombies players. both with good backgrounds on xbox and ps3 zombies with rounds on multiple maps above 50+/ we are trying to get 2 other strong players with 50+ backgrounds to stream and record the night the game is released, if you interested post gamertags in the forum. happy zombie killing. Also I will tell you that I have good ideas about black ops 2 and I do keep up to date on news so message me If you want information about what we are going to be doing, If you want to play a black ops zombie game and want to record or just play for fun. I also am the clan leader of CYSF over 100+ members and we are a level 27 clan on elite, play all games and are a good group of guys. anyway's im CYSF FALCON on xbox hope to hear from you. here is a video of me playing at level 48 i think on ascension http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umbKFdXkJpc&feachure=plcp

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