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Suggestion for HUD map

When playing with frinds you are in a party with, their arrows show up as blue instead of green.

I would be beneficial to know which blue arrow is which player in my party.


Color coding players, to me, would be too distracting.  What if you could put single digit numbers in each blue arrow?  Each player could assign numbers to the players they play with most frequently through the barracks, etc.


I imagine there are multiple ways to achieve the same result, but this concept would be a great asset to the multiplayer gaming aspect of MW3!!

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    I would of said colour coding each party member by order they joined, other games do it, i wont name for advertising


    first player red

    2nd player blue

    3rd player green


    etc etc


    this is a great idea and would be easier to co ordinate with your team whilst in game


    or numbers could work but may not be as clear on the HUD