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Black Ops 2 Wishes


There are my wishes that I want or dont want.


1. No Last Stand or Second Chance.

2. Sniper Gamemode

3. No Painkiller

4. NO Dead Man's hand (C4 death so annoying)

5. Bolt Action gun (Intervention or L916 <3 )

6. Better Spawn System

7. While going to matchmaking, Always start new lobby, not like going to the game where your team is losing, there's nothing you can make it comeback against the better team.

8. Combat Training (I always play that since Black Ops is out, It's alot of fun and it's good because you get to more used to it these maps not like looking away or getting lost in the map then get killed)

9. Emblems Editor (Hopefully?)

10. Long Story Mode (some CoD's have short singleplayer story modes)

11. Dont Mind Assassin or ghost but new perk would help to catch assassin or ghost players on UAV.

12. Specialist Package, Love it. Get that back :]

13. Best Emblem looks, like in Black ops, but in MW3 11-15 prestiges, I suppose they're lazy to create different emblems because they make same emblem but different roman numbers.

14. Ban System, like mods need to be more active to ban boosters or hackers. Ban Candy is the only guy I can find but it needs more than that. I notice there're alot of boosters and I reported them but it seems not whole boosters were banned, i know ban candy is doing his/her best but I think it'd better to ban boosters quicker =]

15. no Automatic pistols with AKIMBO, like FMG9 is too overpowered because they have faster fire rate than single. So make same differents!

16. No Semi Auto guns, in MW3 you instantly die in the head by one shot -.- not good.

17. Mics with kids should be blocked because Kids are everywhere by complaining, it really annoys me.

18. No Recon Drone, It's pretty annoying but good to use because when your on the higher killstreak and recon drone tagged you then you know your caught so you wouldnt reach higher killstreaks.

19. No Noobtubes, Notice that picture on call of duty, my reaction were like "are you serious?" ,still that's bad in mw3 because you get noobtubed into your body in one hit.

20. No Panic knifes, but could be good idea if you have primary weapon and secondary weapon AND a knife? like if you have no ammos on your primary and secondary guns then you take out the knife and ran around the knife till you find person then stab it then pick up the weapon. Suppose it's a good idea to do that indeed.

21. Better Hit Detection! (We get really annoyed what happened in the killcam when someone is shooting at the door but you ran through it to take a cover but dies!?) This is the worst problem ever. (Maybe?)

22. Zombies! Fun! <3

(Sorry for my poor english <3)

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