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    I'd like the ability to no-scope with a sniper rifle.  In real life a bullet wouldn't come out of your barrel at a 90 degree angle just because you aren't ads, it's just rediculous.

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    Tis ridiculous

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    i like that

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    Nice thread.




    1. Combat Record - Elite isn't the same. One of the best features in COD to date. THE best feature that doesn't directly effect gameplay.


    2. Strike Packages - Love how MW3 did this. Assault, Support, Specialist. A few were in the wrong package (Stealth Bomber and Remote Sentry), but it was a nice feature. Hope it returns.


    3. Specific Pointstreaks - MW3 had some good ones that I'd like to see return. AH-6 Overwatch, Reaper, Assault Drone, and Juggernaut. Of course you can't go wrong with the AC130. From Black Ops, Blackbird, Chopper Gunner, and Attack Dogs. Then the ones that will all but likely be in such as UAV, Airstrike, and Attack Helicopter.


    3. Weapon Proficiencies - Another really good feature introduced in MW3.


    4. Prestige Shop - Finally gave players reasons to prestige.


    5. Vertical maps - Not neccessarily concerning land, but buildings. Power points. This is what MW3 maps lack, and they are god awful.


    6. Good camos - Most of Black Ops's camos sucked. The were multiple ones that was essentially just one color with no pattern. A little more variety this time. And, bringing gold back would be nice.


    7. Ground War playlist - Not just a mosh pit of TDM, KC, and DOM, but an actual playlist, just like Core. Other gametypes added like S&D and Demolition. Player chooses what he/she wants to play.


    8. COD points - Definitely prefer this to IW's rank/headshot/leveling system. The latter is the best of the three, but COD points is still superior to me.


    9 . Wager Matches.


    10. Black Ops' lobby voting system - Two maps, and random.


    11. LMGs that are actually useful -  And please bring the M60 back, or a futurustic variant of it.


    12. Scavenger refills - Along with ammo, it should refill lethal grenades, betties, claymores, etc. Does NOT need to refill tactical grenades, grenade launchers, and launchers in general.


    13. Mountain Dew Game Fuel.






    1. Deathstreaks.


    2. Quickscoping.


    3. OP secondaries - I don't have a problem with akimbo machine pistols, just don't go too far with them like the FMG9. Everything else in MW3 here is fine.


    4. Air support being taken down in 2 rockets or less - Especially if they don't stack. If air support is taken down, it absolutely needs to requrie teamwork. One person shouldn't be able to do it. Period.

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    Megaman X129

    Gore in Multiplayer. InW@W a frag would tear off arms or legs. Or similar.

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    Well greencoffin72, as for "practical vs superficial" (I believe you meant aesthetic) I am one of those old fashioned villains who demand BOTH.

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    Alot of these have already been either confirmed or denied by treyarch, and second of all, its a solid list, but some things like guests, ricochet, and diffiult pro perks either dont hurt anything or arent big deals. As far as ricochet, that has to stay. You have no idea how many times i got team killed in WAW [Removed by Moderator]. It ruins the game.

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    For Pack-A-Punched guns in the mystery box maybe it should only be possible during fire sale?

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    Free Elite option open to under 18, Paid required for giveaways.  Some of us fathers want to be able to play clan challenges with our kids.