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Age limit for Online.


This protocol is fully ignored.. over half of every lobby i play in... is full of children who are hardly the age of 15..

What makes me most angry is when they make the most ridiculous nosies.. and they never shut the hell up. The most annoying voices ever... this is probably one of the top 5 most annoying things about multiplayer in cod or even mw3.

I wish people could get banned for not being the required age to be able to play online..


I know my wish will never be granted.. but i know im not the only one who feels that this game is just controlled by mindless children, whom their parents bought their games for them and think its "just a kids thing", when it is clearly rated M for... Mature... being under the age limit... by... 5 years? Not mature.

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    Mute them....Your welcome!!

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    the solution is to mute them

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    there is no age limit for online multiplayer...its not even rated. The game's campaign mode is the only part of the game that is Rated Mature.

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    TB head set has the volume control that is easily accessible to turn down the volume when it is not needed, like in the lobby waiting for game to start...  Or like others say just mute the little facker or move on to another lobby.

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    Adults are just as bad you know. I bought this game myself and Im 15, and no I dont make ridiculous noises, nor do I sound like a little kid.

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    idont know, ive muted everybody from day one, but i do know that i wish i had multplayer when i.was there age! all i had was contra super mario!? thanks bettis

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      Im not that old, but the maturity on games like this needs to grow a pair. The majority of the annoying players are the kids who cannot even purchase the game. Yea, you do see a lot of people just starting crap even tho they are in their 20's but, it is nothing compared to the amount of 10 year olds that are sitting there using as many curse words as possible with no care from their parents.

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        This really comes down to bad parenting habits that have grown out of control in this country. This why we have so many shootings and violence with younger and younger kids in the US. These little kids don't need to be exposed to this kind of stuff 24/7. They see enough on TV. Plus, carding them for online play might make them play outside instead which would help cut down on child obesity! Boom!

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    Funnily enough i had this all day yesterday. I always end up muting them all. Then i got to thinking why do i have to listen to some retard screaming through my t.v? Why cant the chat system work the other way round?


    If i want to talk on my mic, i should have a "toogle mic volume on" option. Not make every other player have to mute me.


    Just an idea.

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    Agreed... I'm getting bored of pretty much every other lobby being filled with kids who

    1. Won't shut up
    2. Think belching the alphabet is hilarious
    3. Have just learnt the word **** and there for think it's a good idea to use it in every thing they say


    On the plus, they usually play objectives and chasing them to kill them in annoying ways (keep sniping them, RPG them, noobtube them) is a good way to make you laugh and make them rage

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      I know exactly what you mean most annoying high voices ever they go like 2-24 and are in awe of themselves cause they got 2 quickscopes kill 360 wall bang jump off window haha its just retarded

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      You go out of your way to annoy them, but your here moaning about them. Leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. If they're talking, they're talking amongst eachother, mate to mate, if you pipe up and say sh*t or go out of your way to annoy them, what you get off them is what you deserve.

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    in the US, the ESRB ratings aren't legally enforceable. the online multiplayer isn't even rated, but even with the campaign, even if a child under 18 is playing it, it isn't illegal in any sense. the ESRB rating is only a guideline, and is ultimately the parents choice. this may be different in other countries, i have no clue.

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    Had so much fun working for a big game retailer here in the UK and little kids bringing the latest Call Of Duty to the counter and me saying sorry you need to xx years old to buy this, then they sulk off and come back with either one of two things a parent who you educate saying it contains violence blah blah blah who then says "hmm maybe you should choose something younger" or even better a snotty parent who says

    "why cant he buy this?"

    my reply "he's too young, I personally could face a fine or imprisonment"

    the response i hope for ..."well ill buy it for him then!!!" <--- snotty so im gonna make life difficult!!!

    my response .. "sorry i cant sell it to you now knowing your buying it for someone who is too young to buy it"

    BANG loved it!

    manager fully backed us all in this it was rare but when it happened we would all be laughing GTA releases are also very fun

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      fantastic! love it!


      Side Bar: Not all people under 18 are annoying for sure, but sometimes I hear little kids say things (online) that if I were their parent, they would have my hand mark on their ass.

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    I agree, but what can you do? Parents will pay the money to shut up little timmy trap about playing this game.

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    There's no age limit for playing online.


    The age limit only applies to buying that game, and even then, if a parent buys the game for their kid, they can still play.


    If they bother you that much, address your complaints to the stores that don't ID kids who buy M-rated games.

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    Yup. In the U.S. they only require that a person 17 or older purchases the game. I think it's AO(Adult Only) games that are more strict. It really all comes down to bad parenting. If you let your kid play this game than that's on you. Sadly the community is suffering because of bad parenting.

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    I just mute them, especially after i killed  some kid on the other team and hijacked his care package, he cried for the rest of the game about it...

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    i mute 90%  of all people who are not on my team/clan unless i play lonewolf then some times ill just mute the annoying people and them who i cant understand...


    if some 1 talks trash either mute them or talk trash back to them ....... or press the report button lol

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    That's not the problem you can mute them anyways.... the problem is that they took all the gore out, remember WaW? You could blow them apart with a shotgun.

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    IDK, getting the kiddies to rage is just a little too easy at times.  Kill them twice, they get a rage on, then just start running into your bullets, and the behaviour is all remarkably predicatable.  A lobby full of kids, np, mute and watch the your kd soar.