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    10 rounds a perk not to sure maybe 15 all turrets are turned on 30 atleast but by then your guns would be done anyway

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    Zombies is a great game..however I feel that zombie maps cannot go on forever this time around.For example if you survive 50 levels of kinder toten I think there should be a save point and an expanded area you are able to unlock. Once in that area you have to unlock more doors opening everything up and survive another 50 until advancing on. Ultimately no matter how vague the story line...the gameplay and diffculty of zombies is what makes it so attractive. It takes alot of hours to go far, it would be nice if there is a goal no mater how diffcult to reach.

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    I think we need to have a map twice the size of call of the dead and  moon and also make it to where we could have more than 4 player becuse that means more zombies to KILL!!!!!!!!!   For the perks i think we need a new one with the other 8 we already have. This new perk has the abilty to telport you to the nerest teamate near you this would really be more fair.      And anotheer thing we should have is two new game mode one for just regualer  zombie playing and then one with mods any thing you can think of but no leaderbords this worl be more fun .







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    make your perks more powerful


    double pack-a-punch


    i think it speaks for itself

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    1. We need some way to give the players the option to lend money to other players, also a way to let someone take your weapon from the box if you want them to.

    2. We NEED a theater mode for it, I can't count how many times i did somthin awesome and had no way to show it to anyone.

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    i think you guys should have city maps and take gameplays ideas from zombie movies like 28 weeks later that would be very fun thank you for listening

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    How about a map like in Chernobyl or Nagasaki or hiroshima. Some where abandonded like an old West ghost town. Another idea is a zombies map from the forest around the battle of the bulge. Somewhere where it would make sense for dead bodies to be found.

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    Well is it going to be in the future? If so we can help with a story.

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    Heroes Of The Dead (Hell):


    Play as Dempsy, Nic, Takeo, and the Doctor in the begining as they get trapped in a room full of zombies. Zombies of ALL types. (Nazis, hell hounds, monkeys, pentagon,etc...) (Also, make the map a more, open spaced area to actually run backwards and shoot at the same time type map) Survive for as long as you can, just like moon, but you have to kill at least "5" zombies to open this teleporter called, "The Meat Machine" or some crazy name you can come up with that absorbs the blood from the zombies and opens the door to Hell. Once you all go in there, you will be teleported to the current game year, 2025, as different characters. I don't know what kindof characters. Any characters is fine. But your in a destroyed city, it's all red outside kindof like hell, but it's actually going to be in some city like New York or Paris maybe. But you all start out landing hard on the ground, and getting back up on your legs. Having out your pistol or something. Surrounded by bloody walls and fire. Hide the door or something to make the players have to look around for the door. Zombies will spawn from windows, and climbing up from outside (picture it like climbing upside of a building). Two guns can be boughten for 500 points. There is only 1 door, 750 points. Run down a hallway, full of windows, call this room, "The Hallway" Lol and once you enter this room, have the round talleys turn blue or white, and just have really slow, but extremely hard zombies to kill. You have to sprint down the hallway or you can be killed easily. But at the end of the hall, there are two extra doors, the stairwell the goes about 4 or 5 floors up to the roof, or the elevator that leads all the way down to the lobby.


    The Roof door: Cost, 1000 points. On the roof, this is where you can travel across buildings and snipe out zombies. There will be fallen towers that you can walk across to get to another building rooftop, but you need to pay 500 points to knock it over. There should be about... 4 buildings you can go on. Each, 500 a piece. And you can climb up a ladder and snipe from up there to help your friends wayyyyy down on the street. This can possibly be the only time you can snipe in peace on a zombies map. But, you can fall off when the boss round comes on. I'll explain that later... The roof has a nice circling area, but it is easy to get cornered on. You go up here to teleport!!!


    The Elevator door: Cost, 1500 points. In the lobby, it is very big, you see zombies spawn from different, blocked off rooms, behind the lobby check in desk, from the ceiling tiles, etc. You can go unlock the swimming pool which is the another teleporting spot. Nothing much in that area. You can go out the lobby doors and go out on the street, cost, 2000. Out here is where all the action happens. You are just out in the open, with a bunch of debris lying around, rocks, cars, and giant sinkholes. You have a nice, longggg wide-open space to roam around, buy things, find easter eggs, kill things, etc. This place is the last room, you can go to the next building and take an elevator that will lead all the way up to the roof. 500 points for that. Oh yea, each time you buy an elevator, probably just keep it at the same price as "FIVE". 250.


    How the teleporter works: Okay, so, once you've teleported to the begining, you run through that one hallway, run upstairs to the roof. There should be two antenna looking things that you have to activate by flipping a switch. This turns the power on AND activates the teleporter access. Then, you run all the way downstairs and go to the swimming pool area. Run behind the pool, flip that switch OFF, and then wait til the light turns red, then flip it ON. It should be good. Do the same for the outside area on the street, there will be a telephone booth or something that there will be a switch. Do the same as you did by the pool. Don't worry! The two antenna looking things will have some kindof of beam of light or light the guides you to the switches. Too hard? How about we just go to the roof, put up 4 switches, flip them all, and teleport through the pool. Through the pool is where Jugg or some awesome perk will be, the roof, where another cool perk will be. You guys can make up the teleporting sequence lol. BUT! In order to get back to where Dempsy and them was, you have to check out the Boss Round.


    Boss Round: This is the sweet-a** twist begins. When the boss round starts, you will see the eclipse in the sky, and see a rocket or ship coming down. It will crash land in the sinkhole. Then you will hear Dempsy's voice. And you will see Dempsy, Nic, Takeo, and the doc come out of the ship, as the ship is swallowed by the sinkhole (this allows the ship to return every 5 rounds so it isn't permanant just like those camp counselors). You think they are just zombies, but they are a special kind... they kept their minds and skills. So they brought guns as well. But, the virus is spreading in them, so they lack aim and stability. But you can still go down if they shoot you a good number of times. Do not get close to them unless you have Juggernog. Because they can knife you, yea, "KNIFE", and it takes a whole lot of damage out of you. If you don't have jugg, they can only knife you once before you die. With jugg, 3 knifes. Careful. Grenades are kindof a nogo. They either throw it back or sacrifice themselves and sprint at you to blow you up. If you upgrade your weapons, they come back with upgraded weapons. They will try to immitate you and copy you. The best stradegy is secret.... This round will make it more fun for players because they can have a fire fight and not always just a shoot at them and they can't defend type of game. But, once you defeat the 4 hero zombies, the screen will shake and you will freak out. And look in the sky and see a black hole. You will automatically be sucked in. But you get 60 seconds to stock up on weapons and perks. But then it's in the portal! Once your in the portal, you will be set as Dempsy, nic, Takeo and the doctor again. In that same room from the begining. This is where the Pack-A-Punch will be, but, you can actually find a way to stay safe in the pap room without zombies going in there. Repeat the process over and over. ^.^


    3arc can come up with the easter egg and song. Pretty sweet map huh?

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    double pack a punch  PACK-A-BLOW!

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