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    I think a good that includes zombies is a zombies vs humans type game mode. This will be very similar to Infected in Modern Warfare 3. It will start off with 1 zombie that will start infecting the 17 (not counting zombie) survivors in the game. There will be random boxes spread across the map that BOTH the humans and zombies can use(zombies will get their exclusive zombie power ups but they wont get guns.) Zombies will have a random spawn and humans will spawn as a group. Humans spawn with a med-pack that will be used to heal themselves incase hit by a zombie(humans will die in 4 hits not 2.) Thanks for reading this. i hope this will be put in the game. If you have any ideas for this game mode make sure to comment them

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    Well I would actually like for zombies to still have never ending rounds because thats what makes it fun trying to beat your last round because if it did end people would stop playing it becasue they already beat it like with the campaign when people beat it they dont play it again. And what i would like to see is some original maps not so compilcated like black ops zombies so somthing like world at war but better and bigger maps and have an easter egg that would actually open up a secret door some where in the map. last have one more person so you can have 5 people play at once I think that would be a cool change. I would also like to see the big light machine guns come back like the ones in WAW lik the browning and the MG those were the best!!!

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    I would like to see the original 4 perk-a-colas and also Phd and Mule Kick. My idea for a new perk is like this:


    Name: Immuni-tea


    Drink Based off of: Green Tea


    Emblem: A Skull on Fire


    Cost: 2000-2500


    What it Does: It basically covers up for what Phd didn't. It makes you immune to: Fire, Electricity, Mud and Water (So you don't slow down), if there is a map where you can freeze, it makes you freeze a lot slower, and if their is one you can't breath on without a helmet, you loose oxygen a little bit slower.


    Reason: A lot of times people get killed because they get dazed by explosions, they loose their oxygen on Moon with the Hacker, they get surrounded because they freezed or a trap blocked the exit, or they get mauled in the mud or water.

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    make a perk named like save it up or something else that cost $6000 when you buy it the actual perks that you have will stay if you´re down but only the perks you got before buying this perk

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    there should be 8 players playing zombies and fun modes such as:


    1: Unlimited Ammo (maybe)


    2: Unlimited Points


    and etc..


    maybe just maybe they might make even more better maps like moon and acsension!!!

    i kinda know they were rushing the zombie maps cuz of MW3 but anyway im gonna think of more ideas.... i'll post some more later some BETTER ideas! OHH AND, make a machine NEXT to pack-a-punch or somewhere near it that you have to pay at least 4000 or 3500 for pack-a-punch ammo!! that would be nice... hopefully all of our ideas come true....

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    I dont think 8 ppl would be a good idea because thn it would be all crowded nd evryone wud be tlking at once and u wouldnt be able to hear wht anyone is saying and it wud be hard 2 evn get points in the strting rounds wer u actually want 2 get perks for doors and perks and the mystery box

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    well yeah but the maps would be so huge im not bein mean but, yea ur right but its just i guess funner to play with 8 people bcuz everyone could help u with reviving someone and u can go in squads and little groups so... it seems cool right?


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    idk i just think it would be more organized with 5 to 4 ppl just because going from 4 ppl 2 8 ppl is big jump they wud hav to re adjust things lik map size, windows, amount of zombies, evn small stuff lik the colors for all of the characters lol and if you think abot 8 scores on the bottom of the screen might actualy go over the screen a little and block the game play

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    yea if there was 4 players like always  but im pretty sure they are going to keep it 4 to make it easier, but anyways i really hope that they make us blow our minds off!!! i really wanna be amazed with these new game modes and the new zombies!!! aren't u???


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    yea i do lol im realy excited 2 see wht they hav in store for us

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