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    i know it might sound a little retarded but you could do a misson in paris were you start on top of the eiffel tower and make your way down to the surrounding streets etc. but in the spawn at top of the tower the zimbes could climb up the frame like in call of the dead they climbed the ropes lol. i would also like to see a way to end the map and more of a storyline about how they were made and what happened around the world they should make cod10 as Call of duty: zombies and release maps like every week or something haha that would be cool but i dont think too many people would buy it as you can get bored easily. :L

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    dude i like your map 5 idead in the pyramids but you could have like a network of tunnels inside the pyramid with the packapunch somewhere in the middle that would be so cool

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    r they even going to make another zombies? but if they do it would be fun to be able to play with more then two players offline... an then ur scores from there can be broadcasted on the network?... i think it shouldnt be as easy to get knocked down.. but yet harder to kill them to..

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    Map: der stadt des wanderung (City of the walking dead)


    Description: you start in a shopping center within the first room you have 8 barriers, there are three doors one that takes you outside (1000 points) another that goes downstairs (1000 points) and the last that goes to the the roof of the center (750)

    when you go outside it opens much of the map but with no perks, guns or power rooms it becomes only useful to get around the map quickly, there are cars that you can drive around this map but a car costs(5000)

    the map is very large wich makes the cars a very useful item.

    going downstairs opens up the arcade with one of five powerrooms near it becomes a useful first door to open. the arcade contains a mystrey box but none of the wonder weapons are avalible yet.

    when you go upstairs you can get to other roofs by zip lines and teleporters the two power rooms became accessable from this spot.


    unfortantly i do not have time to countine with this discription if i get likes i will do more thought


    some perks for der stadt des wanderung


    Perk name: Merchanic

    Pros: makes lifts and cars less destrucktable and gives you three weapons (the third is a merchanics riot shield)

    Cons: slows you down

    Price:2000 points


    Perk name: deads man hand

    Pros: when badley hurt and bleeding out your player will pull out the C4 gun where you can shoot upto 8 C4 explocives that trigger off when you die if you kill more then 10  you get another chance but without any guns and perks

    Cons: you can not be revived and you can kill you teamates



    Woder Guns for der stadt des wanderung


    C4 Gun

    shoots upto 100 blocks of C4 wich explode after 10 seconds


    plasma cannon

    much like the ray gun but fully automatic, its already duelwield and winters-holw shoots out from the side


    and last


    turns the zombies in to one of you teamates for 30 seconds before being dieing


    Thanks and like if you want more of the map

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    A zombie campaign would be awesome! If it is not planned, then in my opinion it would be something great to add to the game.


    Some Ideas:

    -As said.. A real story behind it

    -Two different zombie game modes..

      1.Campaign: where you have to run through a bigger map searching for a safehouse for example.

         You have to find and pick up weopons from dead bodies or search in basements and attics for supplies.

         You have to find your way through dark forests. (So sa real horrific atmosphere)

         Or a big shopping center with lot of things you could use..


      2.The well known Zombie survival mode on a single map..

         Map Ideas: (wich also could be used for the campaign mode)


         -Farm: You and your team must prepare to defend an old farm by shooting from attics, windows and

                    windmills. Scary sounds, like crunching floorboards and shots and screams can

                    be heard from larger distance, getting louder. The wind makes every bush and tree move.

                    It's night and you can't see much. In the basement there's a mysterie box.


         -The Mine: You and your team are in a big dark mine searching for weapons. The sound of falling

                          rocks and screams make it harder to locate what is coming closer.

                          (As it should be in every mode) You have a map on wich

                          you can find the best way to go for you and your team. Dynamite can be found, but be

                           careful, you could blow up a wall and trap the team or even separate you from each other.


         -Titanic:     You and your team are divers who get trapped in the rusty dark wreck of the sunken Titanic.

                          Don't forget about the legend of the passengers ghosts who never left the sinking ship and

                          are now looking for revenge. You and your teammates dive trough rusty cabins and

                          destroyed rooms full of old artefacts known from that time. Your looking for something useful

                          and buy the big harpoon from the wall . Sea-Monsters, sharks and swiming zombies with

                          gills. Very mysterious music, with underwater soundeffects, like squeaky locks and spooky

                          wreck noises. The only familiar thing you can hear is your teammates speaking through

                          the radio equipment. When ghosts arrive you will first hear a women singin in the sea. This

                          interrupts the radio contact between you and your friends. Then you'll better have a good

                          Wunderwaffe or it's gonna get ugly.


    Else: What about a map played in 1885 for example and you protect an old western town against the hordes of zombies.

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    MAP: Das Hoffen (The hope)
    DESCRIPTION: Exactly what JOE1122 said.

    WEAPONS: Old weapons.

    PERK 1: "KILLER" gives you LMG AKIMBO for 3 rounds. 3000 points

    PERK 2: "SURVIVOR" kills all the zombies in the round. (press UP to use) 2500 points
    SPECIEL PERK: "CARE PACKAGE" gives you a care package after every 5 rounds. Ammo or a new weapon. 4500 points.
    KILLSTREAK BOX!: Sentry gun, or other "small" killstreaks in Black ops 2. 1500 points.

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    it would be cool if they made a pyramid map were there is an easter egg of course. and the last step summons a mummy that has twice as much health than george and when you kill him all players get 1 of the old wunder weapons from black ops


    wunder waffe

    .baby gun

    .tunder gun


    or zap gun

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    I'd really like to see another map like the one that started it all "Nacht Der Untoten". Just a nice simple small map that takes more skill to survive in as it has a smaller space thatn most maps.

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    I want zombies to be zombies,not survival.Maybe the round ending thing is a good idea but if it is a game mode.Also,SOLO LEADERBOARD is very important and it is a MUST for BO2 zombies,everybody wanted it in BO1 and didn't get it.Also,the **** trains were good while they lasted BUT i want BIG maps,maps that i can make a full run of the map while killing zombies,cause running in circles for hours is not fun(anymore).Also,IF we will have more than 4 player CO-OP then we NEED big maps.Also,a deep story line and deep easter eggs are a MUST too,since they were successful in BO1.Also one guy on YT from a comment said that there should be no guns on walls and no perk-a-cola machines on the map.Instead,he said that we should be able to level up and get these.WRONG.BAD IDEA.REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA.Make zombies as good as in BO1 without super big changes.DO IT TREARCH.

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    The idea is not bad but the perks are horrible.LMG AKIMBO?You are not a superhuman.Kills all zombies in the round for only 2500 coins.NO.WHY?Cause little douchebags will just buy it every round and go up to 40 rounds with no effort.Care package.This is zombies.

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