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    I like the vote to pause idea. it would definitely come in handy on the later rounds that can last forever.

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    My Idea: Zombies Co Op Campain mode were there a story line and you have to survive the zombies and make it through the story an you can still buy perks and wepons but instead of buying from the box you buy from a supplies crate and the box is hidden all over an holds all the wonder wepons in it. The perks will be on soda machiens all around in the map, you only have to buy the perks once because if you go down who wants to run all the way back to buy the perk an waste time instead of completing the story line? not me, so lets make it like the easter egg on moon, you get the perks and even if you go down you keep them when revived, but if you die you lose them. make the zombies campain fun an exciting with zombies that jump out at you an movie clips that catch the users attention.

    Also:NEW Zombies "Wonder Wepons" Please!!!

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    Ok, check out this Idea!

    Special grenade buys suck as,

    You can buy two tomahawks, and everytime you throw one,

    you can pick it back up, tomahawk is insta kill till round 12,

    then its two tomahawk till round 21, then you have the option of upgrading them,

    upgraded tomahawks last one tomahawk 1 kill till round 30, then its 2 tomahawks till 34 then there almost useless after that.

    Tomahawks cost: 3500 Pack a Punch cost: 5000 Total cost: 8500

    Other than tomahawks anyone got any special grenade or equiptment idea's?

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    Half Ammo takes you to half ammo at anytime

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    Two things:


    1) The best way to make zombies competitive is to have a system of shifting zombies from team to another.  This is well orchestrated in Tetris where, with a Tetris...or multiple lines, the lines you destroy are moved to you opponents side.  In zombies, the "Tetris" would be a nuke.  All zombies killed would add to points and get shifted to the other team.


    Warning:  This idea comes from a 1v1 style and that is difficult to transpose on a map "Bigger than any map in zombies to date" - Treyarch.  Also 4v4 has a naturally difficult structure do to the randomization of party members.  Tetris is a completely different game, where you have one structure and bars come in faster...as oppposed to zombies where the zombies have larger amounts of health points as rounds continue.


    2) Will there be friendly fire?  Don't know what friendly fire is?  I feel sorry for you.

    Friendly fire - where teammates can harm other teammates.


    In a 4v4 mode can one team of humans shoot at the other team of humans?  This seems the only logical solution to the difficult bridge from Casual to Competitive.  If I can shoot down any human that is not on my team, I will go and find the other team...and only shoot them.  The chances of them having more health than zombies is quite low.  I will simply spawn camp their team, while my team kills all the zombies.


    Like I said, not a great idea to change "what ain't broken".  Though in all honesty I consider zombies to be QUITE broken.


    Disclosure:  Zombies is not broken for people who have never been over lvl 30.

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    level 35 

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    haha this is kinda a stupid idea but one team is the normal 4 players that kill zombies and the other team you get to be zombies hahaha

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    Perk Name: Wielder

    What it does: When you purchase it, any gun that's allowed to be dual wielded in the multiplayer will be allowed in zombies. For example, a pistol or SMG would be capable.

    Price: 3500

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    thats probably the only plausable ways of doing 4v4 gameplay!

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    I think there should be a machine where you can buy pack a punched weaponed ammo (handy for mystery box weapons) costed:2500-3500 without having to use the mystery box again and wasting your money just to pack a punch it again win you buy ammo make so it dosent give one mag less from max ammo and you can pack a punch more than once. and a new perk where you can have some soldiers (ally AI) to assist you but can be useless but at least have a option like that. and let you have a option where you can camo and emblems on your weapons in zombies when you buy them and you can earn cod points in zombies and you can buy attachments for when you buy them from the wall and/or mystery box what i'm saying basically buy stuff with cod points in the weapon menu like in multiplayer. maybe you can add a surpressor to that menu for fun and have three attachments on your weapon at once. What that'll do make people play it more and make for fun to play and add a ranking system in zombies Just for Fun and you can rank up and maybe prestige system too i know this is a huge post i'm doing to make it more fun. also add kill streaks in zombies like 25,50,100,1000 kill streaks. and maybe a radar.and i have a map idea Name: Wald von Der Schlank-Mann.Description: Your in the forest with a weird man off in the distance and he's following you and thr forest is a wildfire with nowhere to run just make sure you have enough ammo.

    thats all want done to black ops 2 zombies if you can do that i will be really happy and map idea if you cant make right away put it a map pack. please and thank you for your time.

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