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  • 50. Re: Girls in mw3

    I'm a coleader of a clan already

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    It must be very annoying to you but i salute the ladies for sticking it out and dealing with the garbage that somefolks talk. I myself do not care male,female, both, if your shooting at me i am shooting back. i try and be respectful to all. I think for the most part alot of folks are respectful its just the sad few who stick in your memory the most.

  • 52. Re: Girls in mw3

    Honestly it gets old for instance tonight I was playing search on village ended up being last alive with 4 guys left on the other team and I already had a kill I ended up getting all the guys to end the round 5-0 and they all starting yelling cause they got beat by a girl and then they put their uber tryhard panties on like grow up its a game my bad if I'm better don't freak out about it I wish there were more gamers that didn't care who they were playing against

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    Its hard to say really, I always prefer the company of females in any situation.

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    I once pulled a game winning clutch for my team and the player I killed turned out to be a girl. I was excited with the clutch but then I kind of felt bad after hearing the disappointment in her voice.

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    lol Well run n gunner thats all on an even playing field, no need to feel bad for that. She would of done the same to you lol.

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    Lol don't feel bad just cause she was a girl I think her disappointment was more towards losing the round/game for her team and maybe getting hassled by her teammates

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    Personally I wish there were more female players. I think they do think differently and that makes it more challenging, exciting for me. For those who trash talk i usually mute them and those who send me hate text messages I ignore, ban.

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    I dont even come close to bothering with mics because its just a fact there are people all over the internet that tuen into Ali once there behind a screen or mic.

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    Ill play some games with you. I am 41 and don't talk crap. The only catch is, I only use the shield and throwing knife for weapons. My GT is Tigerwoods 2013 if you want to check out my stats.

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