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  • 60. Re: Girls in mw3

    I was gonna say somethin similar tiger but my girl gets mad at me for sht like that lol

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    Your girl would be mad? Please its Xbox and I'm married haha

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    Me too i only use mic when i am playing with freinds there are far to many morons either mouthing off or singing crappy pop songs. Far to distracting for me to listen to plus i don't want to get banned for abusing them when i tell them to shut up.

  • 63. Re: Girls in mw3

    I had a discussion with a female friend just yesterday who is looking for a xbox gamertag, I told her to choose something short, simple but more than that one that didn't give away she was female.

    Online gaming is still full of macho BS especially around titles such as COD, there are some guys out there who will hunt you down just because your female especially if (god help you) that you might actually kill them.  I play COD, Gears, etc with a female friend from time to time and she's pretty awesome but I get to hear the kind of abuse she gets from guys, something that I never get such as being called a whore, that they're going to **** her, etc,  it's incredible.

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    I'd be chaining you to the sink


    In all seriousness, the mute button is your friend, I've got mine on auto mute, saves the trouble of manually selecting the potty mouth kids.

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    lol i play ps3, and so does my wife. we always in lobbies together and she always gets trash talked, or "targetted". some reason people go after her for their kills. Best payback is "watch the husband" as i shotgun them in the back lol. yesterday 4 example she gettin trash tlked then the guy realises she's female and says sorry n frend req her !!!! lol funny kids.... lol

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    I shall tell you what I tell every female gamer I come across and is posted in my Xbox Live Bio:


    Hello there, I respect female gamers. Good game!

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    Lol born2bdad...my husband plays to but he plays bf3...actually another thing that happens to me is that people will start talking crap to my friends and then ill start just talking to my friends about whatever and I get brought into it being called names and such and the random friend requests are unbelievable...to obzi let her choose what she wants but not to girly...mine has my name in it and I still get asked if I'm a boy...kids aren't to smart on xbl half the time they can't pronounce my gt

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    Mute the players that are negative and enjoy your gaming

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    you should have gone with PS3.

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