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    Not really, my iPhone has no sentience, ergo is unable to learn, instead it relies on a programme where upon it changes words which the programme doesn't recognise. Therefore, my smartphone is "stupid", kinda like your illiterate self.

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    ...And, modifying something COUNTS as modifying something.

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    MW3 winstreak is the same as MW2 because if u only play FFA a loss doesn't end your streak, and a win keeps adding to it. I managed to get to an 809 winstreak on FFA then i got bored of playing only FFA so started other game modes, and as soon as u get a loss on any other game mode thats your winstreak ENDED. I'm not sure if its a glitch or they made it that way, though it seems a bit stupid that you can have a never ending streak without dashboarding as long as u play the same gametype.

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    tbh play someone on the top of FFA like Arazos who claims to have a 6000+ legit winstreak, no dashboarding, or exclus1ve gun. they are big boys/girls.

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    I missed the past where you showed us this, not sure what the purpose of showing us your controllers are.


    Anyways, I've come across my fair share of "I can't be beat" ffa players.  I'm sure I could shove your Win streak aback down your gullet.

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    It is like in MW2. My winstreak on there is 1055. I know I ended it because I joined a Search and Destroy gametype and the game was immediately over, the Spetnaz that I joined were immediately eliminated within a minute before I had anyone to spectate and "you will spawn next round" came up once I got there. Score was 2 to 3.


    How I see it... the winstreak in FFA is different from any other gametype. In other gametypes like team deathmatch and search and destroy, the win/loss counter is simple... There are two teams so one loses and one wins. But in Free-For-All, there are no teams so the win/loss distribution can't be 50/50. It's 1:7 ratio. 1st place goes up, 2nd place to 8th gain a loss. Top three doesn't gain a win tallie, ONLY first place does.


    So to me I see it as 1680 something win tallies and 970 some 2nd places AND games joined late that ended quickly AND hosts quitting/dashboarding/disconnecting.

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    (Taken from thefreedictionary.com)


    customize, customise [ˈkʌstəˌmaɪz]


    (tr) to make (something) according to a customer's individual requirements


    mod·i·fy  (md-f)

    v.  mod·i·fied, mod·i·fy·ing, mod·i·fies


    1. To change in form or character; alter.


    The 2nd controller was customized from parts MADE by Microsoft and put into another Microsoft controller to MY preference, and that being wanting MORE RUMBLE when I game. Same concept applies for anything else. I could put white griptape on my longboard and change the wheels it came with with wheels and bearings for smoother abec 9s. Or Someone can put a seat cover on a seat. It's still a seat. My controller is still a controller MADE BY MICROSOFT with MICROSOFT PARTS IN IT.


    If I were to modify my controller, it would change from what Microsoft intended. I don't know what all you can do with your controller BUT the common thing I am accused of is modifying my controller. I've not altered it's look and shape or form. There are no external buttons on my controller or some magic guide button setting. It doesn't automatically fire when I hold down the trigger when using semi-auto weapons.

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    It's impossible to win so many times in FFA without dashboarding. No matter how good you are. Why? Because there can't pass 50 games, without boosting noobs will ruin it for you.

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    Actually, your phone can learn to spell the way you'd like. It corrects YOU because "vids" isn't a word. Your phone, no matter what it is, has a add to dictionary or auto-correct ignore setting. I spell out every word I type on here and in text messages so my user dictionary of words isn't filled with anything I've had to teach it.


    So yeah, your smartphone, it isn't stupid. it was designed to do a specific thing, catering to your laziness with what you type isn't something it is pre-set to tolerate. And usually with technology, it's the user that sucks and is incompatible.


    And sentience isn't for anyone to decide, it's all about willingness. The option to add "vids" to your personal user dictionary so your phone won't auto-correct you is there, it's up to you to use it.

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    I've played players who are ranked higher than me in the world of FFA. Most of them camp/patrol areas and spray with automatic weapons. I call them out on it and remind them that they are using bitchmoves to win.


    I've played Orbits RL, who used to be ranked number 1 in the world early on last November to Janurary. He camped very very hard spraying with the MP5. I beat him 3 games of the 5 that he stayed in the lobby for. The first game I joined late in on, the second game I figured out why he was winning, and the three wins were me changing my walkthrough of the map to oust him every place he camped. Once I got him, and just like everyone else, out of his camping spot, his kills on the scoreboard stopped coming in TILL he'd get back to his spot.


    Paddi person, you're very welcome to join me in an FFA game if you'd like. My gamertag is BANG says Knife. Just be sure to never ask me to play team deathmatch.

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