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Comment please from Technical support?


As many are getting error messages "servers not avaibale at this time" etc .... I think it appropriate thet technical support should at least make comment on the current situation ?

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    Hi bloodredorchid,


    Were you playing on PlayStation 3?  I noticed I was unable to connect earlier while playing on the SEN.  We should be able to connect now.  Let me know if you are still having connection issues.

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      Elite Help Isn't Helping


      It's Down On XBOX LIVE! ! !

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      server for ps3 is still down... for me at least

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        All servers are currently up and running.


        If you cannot connect, make sure to give your modem/router a complete reboot.


        If you are on Xbox 360, follow these instructions to allow data to be sent/received properly: http://shorttext.com/lC3NYrk


        If you are on PS3: http://shorttext.com/ToU81m3


        If you are on PC: http://shorttext.com/ZF7N183

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          To Elite_Help


          It seems all good now ...however it's clear to many of MW3 gamer's that there are (ongoing) issues, only have to look at the time difference's of some of the last postings made on this forum, 6-7 hours ago ? I too could not log on to the Elite website for most of today with an "upstream wrirte / read error" message


          ..just checked the game and it seems that the servers are up and running. AUS time 3:30 pm


          Communication and regular announcements would be good business practice? I do in my business, it would avoid alot of the MW3 / COD franchise bashing.


          The better the communicative customer service is the greater the customers loyalty is ensuring the viability and longevity of the product.   


          What also concerns me is that many players of games use up their hard earned pocket money etc .... to purchase such games ... it does not mean they are of a lesser value, as in "OH its just a game" respect is given when it is given in return the current communication system that is in place is not adequate for the consumer to have confidence in the service provider with $millions$ being made I would have thought this would be a priority for the future of the COD franchise. eg... direct email to MW3 support.? 

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    all the money we spend on this and they cant even respect  us and respone back . if they cant do a better than this ill  never buy a nother game this is two day is row