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  • 70. Re: Servers down? (11:20am - 03/05/2012)

    Elite members pay for more stats on the website and for content.  Our subscription money doesn't make the servers stay up 100% of the time magically.  Hardware fails, things happen and sometimes servers need to be reset in order for things to smooth out.


    I'm guessing you never played an MMO that has a weekly "day off" for server work to be done.  It's annoying, trust me I know and agree but it's part of how things are.

  • 71. Re: Servers down? (11:20am - 03/05/2012)

    I do play an MMO.  They at least provide a warning before taking the servers down for maintenance, and they provide up-to-date status, especially if the maintenance goes beyond the scheduled time frame.


    This failure had no warning and there was no status stating servers were down.  Not only that, but aparently they tried to blame it on Sony, when clearly even XBox players were unable to connect.


    The MW3 servers failed and Activision/Infinity Ward refused to take accountability, plain and simple.

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