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Petition for Hard Drive Install for Black Ops II

Now is the time my friends to push for Black Ops II to have a hard drive install on the PS3. 


We've been pushing for this since MW2 and they have chosen to ignore our pleas so far.  Right now MW3 runs entirely from the Blu-Ray and I figure so far I have put well over 300 hours of needless wear and tear on my drive. When I'm playing MW3 I can actually hear other players Blu-Ray drives chirping away over my headset.  Xbox players are always given the option to install to hard drive so we are only asking for equal treatment here, nothing extra.


PLEASE sign in here and post if you agree, this could save your drive and your PS3 from breaking.


Also - PLEASE - Tweet @DavidVonderhaar (Game Design Director - Treyarch) - he is the man that can make this happen - while at Call of Duty XP last year I cornered him on the bus to the event and gave him my best sales pitch for the PS3 community with emphasis on the install option - he seemed receptive.


There is no use waiting until after the game is released and coming in here complaining - it has to be NOW.


If you want you can follow me on Twitter as well - I'm @RobsStang - Fourzerotwo dubbed me a "Call of Duty VIP" and I've tried to talk to every Dev I could about this issue and how PS3 COD players are every bit as fanatical about this game as Xboxers.


Thank you for your support.

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