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Collection 1 of MW3 arrives on May 8th!


Hi everybody!


I want to share this info, and the big question is: will we buy the mw3 collection 1 after all our not listened complaints?


In summary I quote:


“MW3 PC DLC Content Collection 1 available May 8th on Steam. Includes 4 Maps for MP and Survival Mode and 2 Spec Ops Missions.”



I'm considering MoH as alternative . Can we get a better MP game play experience with this?


Thanks for your comments in advance!


PD: I'm not an english speaker, so I apologize of my bad english.



Quiero compartir esta información, y la gran pregunta es: ¿Compraremos la Colección 1 de MW3 después de todas nuestras quejas no escuchadas?


En resumen cito:

"El Contenido de la Colección 1 de MW3 para PC disponible el 8 de Mayo en Steam. Incluye 4 mapas Multijugador y Modo Supervivencia, y 2 Misiones Operaciones Especiales".



Estoy considerano MoH como alternativa . Podemos obtener una mejor experiecia multijugador con este?


Agradezco sus comentarios de antemano!


Source: http://mp1st.com/2012/04/28/modern-warfare-3-collection-1-for-pc-releases-on-may -8th/

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    Thanks for being the 200th person to post this!  /sarcasm


    Seriously, you fan bouys never cease to amaze me.


    Everyone talking about the DLC, obviously you own the game. You all know about how bad the hacking is, the lack of support we get, etc. If you buy this DLC and complain about hackers, lack of support, etc... you obviously have not learned your lesson and I WILL laugh at you. You will get zero sympathy from me.

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      Yes, I know there are hundreds comments about DLC and I own a CoDMW3 (legit). I just leave in doubt if get it or not, in spite of iw, activision and company have done with us.


      Sometimes, I get some of fun in decent lobbies where nobody hacks aparentely, I don't care if we lose 7400-7500, but it was an entertained game. When I found a hacked lobby (everybody knows how a hacked lobby looks like, isn't it?), Blah blah blah I don't want to write it down to no promote it. So, I close the game and restart steam.


      Also, I put in discussion that we will have another options in the near future (october), I mean, CoD isn't the unique shooter's game in the market.


      I wonder what the angry PC gamers with iw, activision and company will buy later in this year.


      Thanks for your comments!

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    No sale!


    Poison_pawn PCO

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    SERIOUSLY? WHO GIVES A FLYING F**K?  NOT BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!