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————————— MarraClan.co.uk Now Recruiting [UKMC] PS3 —————————



The Marra Clan is a group of friends who love the Call of Duty francise, we play all the games but primarily the most recent one whichever that may be (MW3)

Our website has just been created and is evolving all the time:

  • Forums (TAPATALK compatible)
  • Gallery
  • Wallpapers for PC and IPAD
  • Registered User Screenshot Upload
  • Shoutbox
  • Elite Operations Calendar
  • YouTube Channel (UKMarraClan)
  • MarraTube (Our videos on the site)
  • Twitter Feed
  • Up To Date COD News
  • CNOP Approved
  • Awards
  • Prestige levels in the Forums

We enter every Elite Clan Operation and are currently level 17 as of 18 May 12  with only 9 members, we have the fabled gold clan tag and enter every clan op.

The only requirements for joining our ELITE clan are:

  • MUST BE ELITE PREMIUM (or nothing you do counts in Elite)
  • 1+ K/D Ratio
  • Can play as a team player not just solo
  • Register on the website
  • Keeps active on the forums and the game itself

If you are interested in joining the clan or just the website come along to http://www.marraclan.co.uk join up and say hello in the noobs forum, thanks for looking and we look forward to hearing from you......