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Just got home from school. Have fun playing MW3? Nope. ACR.


So I just recently rage quited due to a lobby filled with MP7's and ACR's. Im here using normal fun weapons like the m4a1 and other NON-OVERPOWERED **** trying to have fun, but nope. Looks like there is a weapon called the ACR which apperently PISSES ME OFF and GETS ME KILLED ALL THE ******* TIME. There was 6 people on the other team, and 5 of them were using ACR's and one of them was using an MP7. My two most hated weapons in this game. It seems to me like no one gives a crap about other weapons in this game other than those two, which is completely un ******* fair SINCE THOSE TWO ******* WEAPONS ARE THE MOST OVERPOWERED WEAPONS IN THE WHOLE GAME. They are both overused and overpowered and something needs to be done about this. I'm really getting angry and I am THIS CLOSE to turning this game in. You know what really bugs me? In spec ops, the MP7 has horrible recoil, but in multiplayer it has little to no recoil. THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY ******* SENSE IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND. They should really add the recoil from spec ops to multiplayer. And for the ACR, REDUCE THE ******* DAMAGE. It has a little recoil so I ain't gunna complain about that. Now I know this post is going to get a **** load of hate since 90% of you guys use the MP7 or ACR. So if you do, try another weapon please. It just ruins the game and makes it completely unfair and unfun since we guys are being fair while you guys are going around tryhard noob-raping us. I did not write all this for just a simple two responses, I want this to be spread around and get tons of opinions. Thank you for reading this.