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Call of Duty Black Ops II zombies: Large lobbies, new perks, pack-a-punch, better mathmaking, multiplayer engine.


The zombies are announced to be 'better and bigger than ever.' Mark Lamia announced that zombies will have the same engine as multiplayer. Many when heard this, the first thing that came to their mind 'killstreaks and better matchmaking'. This could potentially mean killstreaks but it WILL mean better matchmaking and possibly even host migration instead of the game ending when the host leaves the game. This will prevent trolling, though seen little in Black Ops 1, there are trolls that will end the match because they know they're host at wave 20-30, terrible feeling. This would also mean you wouldn't have to wait 10-15 minutes to find a team of 4, to sometimes even be disapointed because they are terrible at zombies, you would be able to play zombies smoother with random people as well as have a team of 8. Team of 8 is not confirmed as far as I know, but it is rumoured to be leaked. I think this would be a unique feature to zombies, as well as bigger maps and of course more windows/quicker spawns. This would also mean possibly increasing the maximum waves, 8 pro zombie players vs quicker spawns and bigger maps won't be enough to stop people from reaching to wave 100 and beyond.


Another thing that wasn't really confirmed or anything about Black Ops 2 zombies is Pack-a-punch, we'll most likely see it anyways. I just want to get my word out that I DO want pack-a-punch back, same price and camo, the camo is amazing on pack-a-punch, but I will it was shinier, for example shiny platinum design would be a lot cooler than dark purple, where you can hardly see it in darker zombie maps. The camo is not THAT big of a deal but I would like it to be a little different, but I still want the regular pack-a-punch back, it is an amazing feature. Do you want to see it come back in Black Ops 2 zombies, and why?


I also want new perks, perks were very helpfull and of course since it is a new game it will have new perks, but they will still have the same features as old perks, so what I want to see is more perks, some high priced and some low, of course only good perks are accessible at a certain wave, for example, you aren't going to open all doors by wave 10, everybody knows that If you agree you want to see new perks as well, what perks do you want and why?