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Want to know how to Get FEEDS LIKE FaZe and OpTic?

Its pretty simple, they understand the spawn. So the way I help you all is by creating videos that shows you the exact spot the enemy spawns! I have been using this system for a while, but I decided to share this with the world.


Check it out Here:


  • Re: Want to know how to Get FEEDS LIKE FaZe and OpTic?

    1)faze was clearly caught setting up shots. That means the enemy comatant is aware of the plan and also doesn't fire back! It's called boosting in other words but with style. Optic was caught just the same (and this is in public matches ... NOT PRIVATE) ... Youtube it you'll see they are garbage cheaters.


    2) Optic is now garbage, annyone who is actually a goodplayer has far left optic.


    3) I know allot of this first hand because i recruited some of them.We have 1 player from optic, 2 players from obey and 1 player from faze leave those **** clans to join ours... The reason? Because they are tools and cheat. We don't and we respect every clan member.


    Don't believe the hype and run n gun to get your feeds. Campers in my oppinions rarely ever get decent feeds.


    Oh and F.Y.I.: they have this spawn info on call of duty elite! Rofl waist of time.