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Host, Migrations and Disconnections.

Just wanted to address an issue that so many others have raised.


(Cap's lock will be used vehemently once or twice in one of the next few sentences.)


Player 1 starts a lobby.

Player 2, 3 and 4 join the lobby.

Player 1 starts the game.

The team reach round 20+

Player 3 disconnects due to a transmission error.


Player 3: "FOR &%$!'S SAKE!"


Player 3's is a typical story for alot of players that have poor internet latency and reliability.


Could Treyarch please impliment a few oh-so needed mechanics:


  • The ability for the host to migrate on request at a majority vote or upon disconnection to the other players, just as multiplayer games do.

          The reason I say "... on request" is because BO/WaW didn't always choose

          the best host first time around.

  • The ability for players that were kicked from the game to rejoin when disconnected.

          Upon rejoining, the disconnection should act in the exact same way a death

          does - respawn at the next round with nothing, preventing cheating.

          The rejoining should be open for only 5 minutes, and occur no more than thrice

          every game, otherwise the ability to rejoin will be revoked, preventing cheating.

  • The ability for the team to have a majority vote on a pause of the game - effectively

          freezing all game mechanics. This pause would be a choice between 5 minutes,

          30 minutes and a custom time in hours. The pause could be resumed before

          completion by a vote by the majority of all players.

  • Increase the amount of coloured connection bars that are displayed on the

          scoreboard to give players a better gauge of how their connection is faring.



Four impliments that would make the whole zombie experience so much more smooth and enjoyable.


Cheers for reading.

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    When i heard about 8 player zombies i thought about the same lag problems. i tweeted cod black ops news the question " if it lags with 4 players what will zombies be like if there is 8?". the answer (yes !!! i got an answer!) was " they are modifying the zombie engine to work much in the same way multiplayer does,resolving most of those kind of issues". so it seems like it will work much the same way as multi player connections i presume, maybe it will have host migration..you will still probably get disconnections but the game will hopefully not end......i do hope they put a rejoin feature in,would save a lot of fustration.

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    If they are allowed to rejoin the match - they shouldnt not be allowed to join unless they are 2 rounds less than teir current record on the match - otherwise they may as well have had their record boosted.  Also, since zombies is now running on the multiplayer engine, you can expect to see host migrations.  I'm almost positive that migrations will be added in Black ops 2.

  • 3. Re: Host, Migrations and Disconnections.

    The rejoin time should be no more than 5 minutes to make a 'record system' unnecessary.

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    This is a great idea!!  Too many times, have I been trying to get over to revive someone and just can't get there in time.  They decide they are too impatient to wait for the round to end and back out...host ended game.  WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I've always wondered, why they haven't done this in the first place?  I hope this gets implemented, it would make the zomb experience that much better.  You should NOT be able to join a match EVER, even if it has just started.  If they make it possible to join, there is no way to regulate that they can only join if the team hasn't gone past a certain level.  Just leave that part out of it. 

  • 5. Re: Host, Migrations and Disconnections.

    Did you even read the counter-measures I put to stop illegitimate players to join again anyway to boost their record. Besides, it's a pointless argument, as boosting can still occur on BO and WaW (games lacking a re-join feature in zombies) with the illegitimate player dying at the beginning of every round, and the others continuing without them.

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    Awesome idea...i hate it when this happens to me

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    i like those ideas and i just wanted to add that it would be good to be able to kick players with a majority vote so if someone is like talking bad to you you can start a kick i dont know how we could do that while playing zombies but it would be good also because i hate it when i join in a game and 1 of the people dont move its annoying

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    I'll add that, nice idea mate.

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    very nice ideas, also i think the "engine" they use to search for matches should not only look for "potentian matches", but for matches that are close (Low Ping) first so you have a better chance of getting right hosting like in multiplayer matches in MW2 or MW3!

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