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Speed Kills

Dudes just so you know, I just built a new gamer, i5 3570. I am AMAZED at the difference in the game play. I went from a AMD X4 3.2 and I really didn't expect much difference. I was wrong. But then this CPU is at least twice as fast, if not more. And it occured to me that your puter not only has to keep up with the game and action... but if it's not reporting back in a timely manner, you won't get the credit for the kill, and thus add to your lag woes. The new motherboard uses the onboard (ASrock PRO4) GPU capabilities of the i5 to enhance your video card's performance. I am seeing detail and smoothness like I never would have expected. So I guess this is a i5 3570 review... well worth the investment and the biggest difference I've ever seen in a change of hardware