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Amplify Gaming MW3 Xbox 360 Clan

AGC- Amplify Gaming Community - Recruiting for Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Ages 16+


Amplify Gaming is a new gaming community that was started in December 2011. A community built by gamers, for gamers who have a passion for playing video games as a fun social activity. All built around a structure that is fit for never ending growth and to create social experiences that inspire action.


A new member has the option to participate in the 'military like' rank structure. Not required, you can still join and just game as a gamer. The ranks give our community a simple, but enjoyable community experience. Members can socialize and participate in our community forums, weekly events, competitive teams on Gamebattles and our thriving online community on Xbox LIVE.


Some of the many features our community offers are…


1. Many active members on our forums

2. Gamebattles and competitive teams

3. Casual and Competitive tournaments with prizes.

4. Training courses for those who wish to strive to become a better all around player.

5. Active leaders that are always there to help you out.

6. A live chat room on our forums.

7. A friendly atmosphere where people are willing to help you train to get better and become a team player.

8. 100s of active members on our forums.

9. And much more!


We accept players of all skill levels, and play game modes varying from Team Deathmatch to Search and Destroy to drop zone to domination etc. We understand your need for a team-based community, and that is what we are looking to provide in all games.


We are a community based on leadership, teamwork, maturity and dedication. We strive to find the best leaders for our brigades and for our chain of command. We are one of the most active Xbox 360 clans around and our members are very friendly and always willing to help.


If you wish to join or check us out, register on our site by clicking the link below. Be sure to put 'agc amplify' as your referrer:




Also, if you have any questions, post in this thread or send me a PM and I will back to you ASAP!

-Thank you for your time, and hope to see you on the battlefield!