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  • 60. Re: fusion gun machine!

    well lets assume they stick to the same amount of guns there was in bo1

    so they had about 8 assult rifles, 2 lmg, 6smg, 2 snipers, 4shotguns, 4 pistols, 2 launchers, 2 specials and a wunder gun, and a ray gun

    so thats 32 guns each with 32 guns they can be combined with, thats 1024 guns pluss the 30 so a totall of 1054 guns

    and if they make it that that wunderguns and ray guns cant go in that makes it 900 guns plus 30, so 930, and with other restriction it could make it like 500 guns maybe less

    maybe they start and bring it in a map pack? dont get ur hopes up, but its possible

  • 61. Re: fusion gun machine!

    they made 60 guns for this game, if they step up their game big time maybe like 160 if they do this by fusion machine with only non packapunched and that lmg/smg 1=lmg/smg2

    meaning the 11) diff types(assult, smg, lmg, sniper, shotgun,pistol, launcher, crossbow, ballistic knives, wundergun, raygun)

    so 121 diff guns plus the 32 reg and 32 pack a punched

    thats only 185

    not such a huge jump

  • 62. Re: fusion gun machine!

    between 1600 and 3600, that's how many


    1600 for 40 guns and 3600 for 60 guns

  • 63. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    you got it all wrong....like the first part is pretty interesting but making the guns is messed up its gonna take a long time just to understand one gun. this is a pretty bad idea

  • 64. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    yes, its a very difficult process. so i dont think we would see this in blops 2, all though, i would like treyarch to think this over and find some type of solution.

  • 65. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    Perk fusion would be nice. maybe in multiplayer also. FUSION-HA!!!!

  • 66. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    well that would be pointless wouldnt it? if you wanted to fuse quick revive with juggernog, why not just buy them both instead. Was the idea meant to save you perk slots of something?

  • 67. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    (bump) more views means a more likely chance

  • 68. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    hey, i just realised, that 40 guns means 1600 different combinations. Woah, that will take a lot of work. I wouldn't expect to see this for the first maps, but maybe on one of the last zombie maps, as that would take a lot of programming.

    PS, don't bump, i discovered its banned on this forum, a mod told me 2 days ago and deleted all my bumps, don't bother, most people who like the idea recieve email notifications on it anyway by clicking the email notification button, thats what i do, so you will get a response in 24 hours (probably)

  • 69. Re: !***FUSION GUN MACHINE***!

    yeah, i dont like to bump, and once i do i just delete it myself lol. I dont understand what you mean by recieve an email? from the treyarch team if they liked my idea? or a notification of that my bumps got deleted?

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