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My Zombie wishlist

Hey everyone,i made my zombie wishlist here:http://youtu.be/sVLK_g-equA

And i would love to know your zombie wishlist!

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    ok here is my wishist to see in the upcoming zombies


    1 each person should get to pick what guns they get out of the box take all the guns from waw bo1 and bo2 and get to chose what you get liek a custom class setup example: lets say you have to pick a certain amount of pistols explosive weopons assualt rifles lmg's smg's wonder weopons and special weopons so it still keeps a sort of randomness and difficuly but so its not the same poeple with the same guns and you get to pick one wonder weopon to get so everyone could have a wonder weopon


    2 story mode so poeple can catch up on the story and classic survival mode





    3 a box to buy attachments and camo from


    4 more teirs for pack a punch and perks unlocked after a certain round example : round 30 teir 2 round 40 tier 3 round 50 teir 4 and then it stops


    5 more melee weopons example : katana battle axe machete etc


    6 dificulty lets say like the campaign settings easy through veteran so it can be challenging for the serious zombie player like myself or easy so new people can get used to zombies




    7 the ability to buy all the perks instead of having to do somwthing rediculous to get all the perks


    8 new bosses i liked goerge he was a little hard to kill but after you did he gave you a free perk but i disliked the moon boss because he was to easy to kill but if he grabed you he took your perk which was rediculous




    9 theater mode that records the ingame chat


    10 seperate zombies dlc so you didnt have to get the multiplayer map packs to


    11 bring back flamethrower




    12 a perk that lets you keep your perks if you go down but make it rediculously expensive



    13 character custimazation example voice gender skin color outfits etc



    thank you for reading sorry for my bad grammer  but does anyone agree

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    I just want to kill zombies. No preference.